Saturday, November 18, 2017

Things are changing here at the Wolf's Lair and with the WolfPack.

A grand good morning to ya'll from AyreWolf Kountry. I slept like a wolf in a den last night. While no visions of sugar plums or such danced in my head, most USO girls from Sydney Australia danced in my brain. Still I slept well , didn't even think of the mice running between the walls here, nor the poor plumbing. Mostly because in a week and a half is all I have, to endure this nightmare. It was and has been a tragic situation, that I should never have gotten into and wouldn't have if my sweet Shelly had been able to reside in Evanston. But that was not the only reason for the move here. The basic foundation and that was not much of a foundation , was to have a legit place to have as a solid address to renew my OL License. Looking back on it and the money wasted would have been better off renewing it in Wyoming, and just threw away any concept of anything Idaho. But can't fix history. A wise Commanding officer once taught me that life is not like a video tape. Where you can edit out the bad parts, splice the rest together to make a good film. Nope life once an event takes place, just took place, and no amount of wishful thinking is going to fix it. 
There was once a infamous philosipher that said," Doing the same things over and over again, and expecting different results is an idiot". While its wise to keep and honor traditions, still some things that either have no value any more or where attitudes have changed, need to be eradicated and replaced with things that do work.
Things like the infamous Toew Smooch that has became a trademark for my disabled vehicle rescue service, during the time of all things Hazzard, and such was really great. But how many hopefuls in our radio on air searches have been frightened off by that one thing that always happens at one of the auditions for such? With all the hoopla over harassment of actors, and in Hollywood, and media of somebody doing the wrong touchy feely, should we keep doing that? While having a mix of genders in a 10X10 studio doing radio, I think your going to start seeing radio studio's that are blocked off between genders, just to protect both from these kinds of happenings. Everything from porn to acting and drama and many other so called entertainment outlets will begin to change their minds and attitudes and just not hire or have disclosures if they do hire women to be mixed with us male corpuscles.
But I'm getting off course here.
Overnight into early morning, the WolfPack and I over Skype and computer conference had a informal meeting. While the Dukes, and all things Hazzard and all including the Knytes have been great, still we came to the conclusion that it might be time to climb off Traveler (General Lee's horse) and get on board of the lady  and go all things air or in our case Ayre as in our case AyreWolf or AyreWolvez.

With that in mind and with the fact that after the fiasco of the Reaper Club in Twin Falls, in 2013 and subsequent events that followed the only reason I retained anything in any way of being an officer of the organization was heading up the WolfPack. As such, that has became my intent for sometime in the future.
The only two things that I personally will be connected to in any way with things Hazzard County anything will be HazzardAyre Radio, and Hazzard County Choppers. Beyond that my focus on air and duty to the organization will be that of the WolfPack aka the AyreWolvez.
As for my residence. While I was fully against this for the past two months and all, personal finances dictate that I bunk at the lady in Hollister Idaho's house until I can figure out something that is affordable yet sound and newer in both construction and quality. There is no way around that. If I'm to have money to bring the radio gig, as well as my own operations to bare I need to reduce overhead. That means, reduce rent payments from $600.00 a month to $180.00 a month. Can't contribute rent for radio studio, car payment and house rent every month like I have been. Or getting sick by having to inhale mouse smells. There needs to be that change. 
We are rapidly entering into 2018, what was the tragedy of 2017 and all that has been 2017, there needs to be a course change if my and the WolfPack's altitude is to change. So for a few months, I reside in Hollister, but HQ is in Gooding, goodbye Wendell Idaho, and my neighbors, you got your blessing as I'm outta here.
More in the afternoon.

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