Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sorry friends, but I am a true southern bred, Hazzard County raised rebel male

I had a few events happen to me today, that is directly connected to my topic here tonight.
First after going over and taking a gander at the place in southern Twin Falls County Idaho, I was feeling really good, since I now have at least housing wize a place I can afford and still retain the studios in both Buhl and Gooding for HazzardAyre Radio. 
So I get online and find some gal that was a bit put off by the leggy gals I use in my art work for our publications. If that is all it would have been, I wouldn't have gotten so tense, but then she started barking about my Hazzard County credibablility. To which I will tell her and ANYONE that wants to know. The TV show that OUR Hazzard County is built on, is as dear to me as life itself. There are few if any of the cast, crew or production company of all things Dukes, that doesn't know me or the other way around. I was there when Paul Picard who was the exec producer of the show passed away, along with being there when Uncle Jessie, Boss Hogg and Waylon passed away. I talk all the time about John, Tom and all the cast including Roscoe and Enos. Scott Romaine knows me all too well, infact if truth be known, the torch of Hazzard County was being carried by the Knytes/WolfPack long before there was a Cooter's Place. Don't get me wrong, both Ben, Alma, and all their families are as close to me as kin folks. So that lady from Oregon, that was trying to get into my Hazzard County credentials, your treeing the wrong critter.
Then, got this gal whom I applied for a on air slot here at HazzardAyre Radio. Guess what? I spent 3 hours ratchetjawing with her, when her husband shows up , has a fit and she backs out. Okay one more that bites the sand except as it is, unless its someone prescreened by the Knytes, and is a family member of the Knytes, we ain't hiring no body. Especially no more dang women. When it gets to women it is a real pain in my butt any more. The thing is, I have balls and years ago I let them drop. I'm not some diaper rashed, drug induced city/town raised carpetbaggin, untrustworthy person. I'm an Alpha Male and that can be a bit too much male for most of these people. 
I stand for truth, justice, and the Confederate American way, no more and not less. 
Big day Friday the move begins followed by the studio move. HazzardAyre Radio and all its parts will be back on air come December 1st. The reason its delayed is that after I got hoodwinked by a few here in Wendell Idaho, and the water bill thing, I finally decided with great pain to relocate the entire operation. Back to where AyreWolfFM/SAMCRO Radio first fired in 2009. Get this even the bandwidth and Internet speed is faster there. Add to that much less expensive, so we get to command both sides of the Snake River with Southern bred/Hazzard County raised gearhead style radio. 
That's all, if you want to dig into our news, find it at 
Keep it Tween the Ditches.

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