Saturday, November 4, 2017

Now to some WolfPack/Knytes Business.

If you have been watching or observating the fb pages and groups of the organization, you might have seen that the help wanted and pinup girl want ad posts are expiring, and I and the organization have no intention of renewing those posts. 
Reasons vary but the bottom line is after totaling them all up at just under $600.00 for just the past 5 months, have produced no sustainable dependable results. Of the few that have responded and visited the Rode House here in Wendell, none have returned, the rest have not produced anything that could be termed a return on the investment. 
Beyond the cost to place and maintain the ads, the loss in productivity on waiting hours during many days that could have been used in building the radio op's or finding a shop. The hours waiting for new hires to show up, interview and all were just wasted time. Too bad employers can't charge money back to a prospective new hire employee for interview time. Like at $60.00 per hour, or $300.00 for a session. At least if someone put money into our cash box, they might have a reason to see it through. The old saying money talks and bullshit walks applies here. 
Not saying placing want ads for new employees isn't good, just place the ads where they will get noticed and someone shows up that knows what they are doing when they get there. 
Example; Codi-Lee last year. She spots an ad on All Access. Responds, shows up and at least did some radio on air work, plus fixed a couple of computers that needed mending after some idiots in Etown at PC Innovators had no clue as to what they were doing. Too bad Codi-Lee didn't stick around, had she done so the Club, would have gladly set her up in her own computer service/supply store. Besides doing on air duty for us, we all know why she left, and why it was a struggle there in Etown after.
Okay, but we didn't find her on Facebook, but a place that is of broadcasting. 
Facebook is way too generic and costly anymore. You can't target who you want to hire. Celebrities are backing away from Facebook by the droves, publishers are reducing their expenditures on Facebook, so we have as well. 
If you have a business that you want to get noticed on; use things like Google-my-Business, which is free or nearly so, or Yelp. 
I get more tow traffic from both of those than I have ever gotten on Facebook. 
Stay tuned.

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