Saturday, November 4, 2017

Men are not complicated or mysterious we only require 5 things.

Saw a response from my Shelly on a fb post concerning the need for some professional to write a guide for men on how to deal with women during their recycling conditions. 
My Shelly's response came of how to deal with men, who are always horny and grumpy. Thing is, men are not grumpy by gender or nature, we only get grumpy when we have to put up with women's stuff. Men only require 5 things in life and after that we are very mellow and subserviant. 
First; men need plenty of feeding. We can't be the braun or workers of the species if we're hungry. Two; Men need lots of sleep to configure our minds to combat the needs of a family and a society that demands more and more of real men. Three, mobility, no man wants to feel he can't go where and when he wants to. Men need to explore, and see what else is out there that can ease the need to earn to better his domicile. Four; Men require lots of tender care, since the outside world is so cruel, when we come home and are in our chair, we don't need to have our minds being hammered on with lots of trivial bull stuff. This thing requires a certain amount of breeding , but also of just tender care. A man may not say it, but lots of foreplay and cuddling goes much further than having a woman just lay down and ay okay honey have at it. No, for once we'd like to be the one that's submissive and have the feminitile of the house do the pleasing. Which extends to number 5: Men love women who are obedient and helpful. Men do not respond well to women that are as its slangly said pussy whipping them. The age old foundation of all species, is the male is the ruler and king of his Kingdom and occupants thereof. When that authority is challenged, men become grumpy. That's when men start to look elsewhere to find peace of mind that he ain't getting at home. Likewise when men are planning on battle, he doesn't need his woman to be asking dumb questions or interupting him or his thoughts or questioning his methods. 
Okay enough on that. 
Starting Wednesday I will not be online much if at all. As I'll be in a new place is south Twin Falls County, I'm making camp in with a nice gal who is renting me a room for a fraction of what I'm paying here in Wendell. Still going for the place in Gooding for HazzardAyre Radio and all, but the small amount of money making a tri weekly commute is worth it. 
I need to reduce financial overhead and expenses to pull myself out of a bad situation, that I got into in late May in moving here to Wendell in the first place. Should have followed my gutt feeling and remained in Evanston, but hey needed to make a better nest for my Shelly and I so here I am. But not for long. I start unplugging on Monday and plan on being done about Thursday. Plus it'll be awhile to get connected to things Internet, which will take time. Should have HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Radio back up on or near December 10th or so. 
It's really too bad, that all too many reacted in a less than positive way to our, rather my arrival. Maybe its the fear of things they don't know. Considering that many who knew me as a youth have moved away and way too many newcomers moved in. Maybe its the image rather than the substance, of me as well as the Knytes/WolfPack. Maybe its just a serious need for all of America, not just Wendell, or even Evanston, but the entire nation, to just take a serious laxative , take a good bowel movement and not be so anal retenative . Our nation is way too constipated and needs to just needs to drop a good poop. 

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