Saturday, November 18, 2017

kris kristofferson - Why me Lord

Okay this next week is Thanksgiving. I have been through the wringer a lot this year. First with Shelly, then loss of the shop in Etown, Wyoming, then moving like an idiot to Wendell Idaho , where upon I got accused without any real basis of being in appropriate with some youngn's then going through loss upon loss. Yet considering even with a mice infested house, I have a house, electricity thanks to the WolfPack, and food, a warm bed, so really can't complaign although I do a lot. God has been my companion, my rock and my foundation. 

A collegue of mine Zeb Bell had on his weekly blog post of his, about being thankful to God for all that we have and I am, Zeb put up a Southern by the way hymn so I thought about the one none LDS hymn that I love the best. Written by George Jones and sung by Kris Kristofferson, this is my deep prayer, and big question, Why Me Lord? 

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

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