Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I truly dislike tire kickers, fakes, phonies and teasers, and just where is this place?

So awoke yesterday, to my tiny tree frog. Somewhere just under my bedrooms base board heater and the cellar of the Rode House here two tiny, and very frisky tree frogs live. One lulls me asleep, the other awakens me.
So with tasks related to the overnight retention of H2O I hit the latrine. Now Monday after the battle of keeping me in my tiny house here and again thanks to my area Bishop and all for that I fetched my mail. In there of was the water bill, $112.00 . Was the city of Wendell kidding? I thought that having a precious balance would the retention of suspension of services. Guess not. So went down to City hall here, met with the City Manager, who apparently has no idea of what is going on with utilities, was no help. 
So need to sniff this out further later today.
Now then, we , rather I had a new hire that I have been waiting to get on air since we started looking for new hires here, that was supposed to arrive at 14:00 , yet by 15:00 no arrival, not even a phone call.
Okay so I leave that spot open, but in two months when big Jonny becomes President of the Knytes/WolfPack, guess what he wont be so dang patient. In his opinion its put up or shut up.
Usually this is no big deal, but ever since we lost Cable-One we've been off air at least on line. With that it's $100.00 an hour for every ad that can't be aired. If you multiply that by even just my mere 5 hours on air online that starts to add up quick. However that wouldn't be as crucial if it were not for a team of attorney's at roughly $2k an hour defending 20 Knytes who was involved in the skirmish in Waco Texas two years ago. That's a bunch of monies going out, there just is not a bunch of extra cash in the stash right now, so yes it flat pisses me off when a new hire wants or pledges a desire to be part of the radio team yet don't show up , it costs me money as well as time when I could be doing other things.
Okay then. 
Been doing a bunch of study in my Book-of-Mormon, in the middle of Alma, at the 22nd chapter. In there its talking of the River Sidon, and land of Bountiful. Many think its in north America, or the Yankee states. When in fact if one starts looking and disecting it very closely, you find that what few landmarks that are mentioned that in fact, these areas are in South America, as the River Sidon is being said to run east to west. Many have thought it to be the Mississippi River, yet the old Miss runs north and south. 
So I watched a talk that was held on the subject in SLC some years back and if one uses the texts and then lays Google Maps over it you find the areas mentioned in the texts to be near the Inkas in South America. 
So in closing this morning, for those applying or thinking of applying, for an on air post here at KnyteWolf/HazzardAyre Radio, if your not serious save us both time and money and frustration.
And to Church historians and researchers on church geography, it ain't where you think.

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