Thursday, November 30, 2017

I hate taking meds and giving blood, Thursdays must be a slow news day and moving not moving

Thursdays must be a slow news day. Can't understand why since in most juristrictions its court day, got to be choice news there right? Nope, all I see on FB is a bunch of junk. Must be the time of year, cold as heck, and so many stay in and are online especially FB and such. 
Okay especially the stay in's. As much as I tried over the week and the collapse of the negotiations with Rick Strickland on the original space we had in 2009 that was the birth of AyreWolfFM, and with everything else being high as a cat's ass, that the conclusion, is we stay put in our tiny brown house in Wendell. I have ran the gamut of filling out apps, being conned by real estate agents, and people who flat don't have a clue as to what we do, and the size of the funds behind it, that I just said, for now searching for some other place until mid 2018 is dead. Not saying current situation is fixed or carved in rock, but until I can figure out the next move, this is both home and HQ of the WolfPack.
Okay then, one of the Knytes members was in a very bad wreck that resulted in his ride doing a 3 times roll over. Leaving two kids that are adopted by my Shelly and I as well as the WolfPack/Knytes with serious injury. Including one that has no feeling in her fingers undergoing much surgery and rehab. Today I did a few hours of donating blood to infuse into our little sunshine, and now I'm about as drained as one can be, but made it into Wendell, just in time to snag my prescrips from Simerly's and now just chilling here at home. 
On the subject of the radio op. Its a sure thing for whatever reason that is thought, that no honey for no amount of money is going to show up to do a twosome broadcast. Just ain't going to happen. 
With that said both the Old Skool Toew Bro's Club as well as the WolfPack is still looking for honey's to photograph with toew trucks, rollbacks and yes military aircraft. We'd like to get this shot, and printed. Likewise be able to sell same at toew shows, ayreshows, and such, as a charity project, proceeds will be going to two charities, the Wounded Warrior Project and the other the Shriner's Hospitals. Trouble is every gal that applies , goes about half way then shy's away. Question is; why bother me or the WolfPack, if your not even serious? Just because we as an organization may be a bit rough around the edges, and yes we are a wyld crew, nothing dangerous here, or any danger to any gal working for us. But it's like one of the realtors that we were working with, he couldn't see where the money was. The money floor is about as solid as any could be, anyone who REALLY knows me or the organization knows my family was very well off. Mom and Dad knew how to invest in stuff that has grown in value. Like the bank building in Boise. 10th and Jefferson to be exact. Mom bought the thing in 1982 for $200k, today its worth millions, of which I only get a small percentage of as a dividend, the rest flows through the Knytes. Last night caught wind there was a piece of real estate in Salt Lake City that my cousin bought with Trust(Montgomery Trust Fund) money, for a few thousand. Well when the LDS Church and a developer bought the property they forgot someone needed to be paid. Mainly me. Cousin Shar is digging into it, but this could be serious cash. Bottom line while a few might shrug me off because of my bummy appearance might want to rethink that idea. Rick in Etown and Nate there, knows I'm not fibbing as they have seen the paperwork, or a bit of it. Plus its researchable at the Gooding County Courthouse. I remember two Knytes members being told by Cousin Bud, the secondary Trustee of the Trust and Skipper in Boise who was the main bean counter after mom passed in 83, that I own pieces if not all of companies that I have no idea of. From mining to oil and natural gas wells in Wyoming, Texas and elsewhere. 
Bottom line to Mark Jones of Robert Jones Realty, and a few others, don't judge from what you see in front of you , since what is in front of you is simply the cover of something much more powerful than you could possibly fathom. 
I most likely will never live long enough to see all of it, nor experience the kinds of green in my jeans that all of this is, but it is where it needs to be, in the care of the Knytes/WolfPack. 
I finally got my meds today, and after taking them, and giving 14 full bags of my blood, Oh am I pooped, so I'm off to bed.
In closing, maybe a few gals that are avoiding being talent for the calendar/video, and others, might want to show up. Seeing the underlying current might open their eyes.

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