Monday, November 27, 2017

I get into small noses

Before I get into my main rant here, I have noticed that I have so far gotten 400 likes on the topic I put on Facebook on our page Maximum Overdrive Radio regarding the similarities of watching a monkey screw a football, and the fumbling around that has gone into getting HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM back up on line. Must be quite a few that got interested in setting up heavy pedal Internet with good ole CenturyLink, and feel its one helluva pain in the ass.
The main problems with this, is there are so called specialists, that are in far off places, who have no idea of what it takes to upload and webcast a radio station, or even broadcasting in general. If CenturyLink has smb business consultants, shouldn't there be at least some of them trained or hired from radio and/or Television Stations? That way the right products and services, and the knowledge of the fact that if a station isn't broadcasting no money is coming in. As we enter month number 3 of the long wait, I still wonder if it'd been better for me to have just paid each month $500.00 to Cable-One that'd mean next month we'd be back on the air in full bloom. Shit is about to hit the fan here, on this. I'm going to find out who the supervisors are to both the gal in Louisiana and Raphael is and have a solid conversation. This is taking way to long to get a connection established to air the station, especially when the Connection is going to cost US $550.00 a month.
Okay yesterday got the call from Strick in Gooding that he decided to rent the space we've been counting on for a month to some gal that wants to put in a flower shop. Really? Like I said once, just because a skunk changes its stripe, don;t change his stink none. I think to that the turn down came from the incident here Thanksgiving morning. Not to be ko'd here, found a few places in Twin Falls and some in Buhl for housing and a few places both in Twin Falls as well as our main focus in Buhl to set up hq for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM that also carries overnight Maximum Overdrive.
Okay so with the dawning of Maximum Overdrive we're once again scouring the valley here and pro talent agencies in both Utah and western Oregon, for a Miss Maximum Overdrive. In doing so, while I'm still into the leggy small toe thing, still I'm much more conscience of noses. The smaller the better. I was watching a better view of Alex from Business Rockstars, on BIZTV. As long as you see her from the front of her foxy face, its okay, but if they do a side profile view, I noticed she has a pretty large plow nose. But it's not just her. When every guy was going goo-goo over Shania Twain. From a distance she looked hot, but if you got close and or saw her from the side you saw and see Shania has a V-ditcher shaped nose. I have seen only a few that looked hot or proper. Thing is, maybe it's because I was spoiled by a few of the gals I went to school with, especially Peggy Follett , Michelle Gates, Dawn Odle, and Cindy Bauche. Their little noses were so dang cute you could do Eskimo kisses with them all day and not get enough. It also could be, because, I like women, who are small, and compact. From their nose to their toes. Tight butts, small waists, and yes even small breasts. Ones that are huge and out of place, just get me to shying away. 
So thanks to all on Maximum Overdrive fb page and all for your support on the Ever See a monkey screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink, think a serious phone call is in order.
Good number to ya'll,
Stay Tuned:

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