Friday, November 17, 2017

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow damn I'm cold. And why does an Asian woman want to join a old tow

Ho,ho,ho here came the wet and snow, in western Idaho. The dang storm didn't last too long, but the time it was here put 12 people in the comedian strip and 12 pull outs for ye ole Dixie Toewing this early morning. As such I'm cold, frozen and needing feeding. 
Okay then caught a email from Dunn and Bradstreet, good ole Dixie Toewing is still glowin on the top tier credit files, and seems like we are still the top notch toewing company in western Idaho. Even nearing the level of good ole A1, not bad huh?
Then my dear Shelly, caught this Asian chick on our fb group Old Skool Toew Trucks. I allowed her in simply cause I thought she might be into our pleasure and hobby of restoring these good old trucks. Seems however than this Mitsi is a troller looking for whatever? I figured out why she wanted into our group. Tow trucks = men= maybe a guy she can con. So I asked her two questions, one; can I see her toes, rendered no response, and two; does she own or drive a tow truck especially a vintage truck? If not, she will be gave the boot out of the group.
President Trump's new tighter immigration laws and all are relegating that foreigners wanting to enter our nation needs to have a legit reason to do so as in scoring a mate, such as a Asian gal making moves on a American especially a Confederate American male for a potential hubby to sponsor her to get a passport/visa. All of which I ain't doing on a personal level cause , I got my Shelly and that means to all women, you can want cause Shelly has me. 
But for some of our otherwise none attached male corpuscles, the trollers are out there hunting, so beware.
Okay; for the last several days have had a couple of mice that have invaded the Rode House, one I caught in a desk drawer inside the radio studio here, and have not let out, the other is stuck inside one of the walls . Now its not that I'm scared of mice, but several situations of a domestic condition over several years and the fact that I'm seriously allergic to the damn critters, have made me a bit touchy when the bastards invade my domicile. The first time was in Rigby Idaho at the shop there. The living area was okay, but found that I was really being invaded by mice there. Even to the point a few would even sit there and groove on me doing the radio thing there and then wanting a bit of my sandwhiches. The next big whoop with mice was when I rented that shack in Glenn's Ferry, Idaho from that April Espinoza. The damn critters had millions of offspring living under the house. I even woke up one morning with one sitting right on my chest. Not good. The next time was living in a house in Gooding, another infested place. And finally when I had to live in my shop in Burley one year after the plan of attaining a place in town was shot down by an asshole of a PSR, and at the time a SSI Payee. Wasn't long after that and a few months in Twin Falls at Big C's place that I moved to Utah, got that payee thing squished and making me my own damn payee. Which was so damn simple. My thought on all of that was simply, there were a whole mess of folks nervous about me having free rein on my own finances, in that once I did I could spend real money on my own projects. Like the shop, tow service and contribute to the Knytes/WolfPack for the radio station. Okay then.
Finally this morning, I am sorry for the delay on the re-entry of getting HazzardAyre Radio back up online and so on. After thinking on it, at this point it would have been easier to have just paid Cable-One off and been done with it and went back on the air. Granted Raphael and all have kept me online although the connection speed and all is way substandard, but at least I can write, but not broadcast, 5 down and 2 up don't cut it when streaming a radio station. 
The delay is both my fault and CenturyLink's. Mine was pulling the plug on an install here in Wendell. Since I was looking at the move to Hollister Idaho, and all. Since I stayed put here in Wendell and needing my home studio to run I reinstated the install. On the one in Gooding? I haven't heard squat. You'd think a company that prides itself on communication, would do more communicating. The reason I'm loosing money is that for every hour I can't stream the station/network, the Knytes/WolfPack looses $100.00 per hour in lost ad revenue, which the Knytes/WolfPack takes out of my checking account. As such for two months I had to go to my church ward to get aid on paying my house rent. So I got in touch with some CenturyLink people overnight and said, basically its time to poop or get off the pot. Either get at this, or pay me back for my lost revenue or pay off my Cable-One bill, admit what I need can't be done here and be done with it. 
Hopefully we'll be back on air online anyway shortly after the holidays. 
At least that Danielle whats her name at CenturyLink's office in Las Vegas, admitted that even after trying real hard that we couldn't bring things together there, and helped me with the deposit with AllWest and shortly after that we were online, on air. 
I'll keep you up to date.
Until later ya'll

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