Sunday, November 5, 2017

From the Book Of AyreWolf , I am trying to not do a very bad thing

Last month and now this month, need to go to the church to bail me out of a mess, hope and praying that from my friend and former Bishop in Evanston can call my Bishop here in Wendell to help. Thing is I believed in an ad that I saw in some want ad paper here in my area about a room, in Holister Idaho that claimed to be set apart from the main house, own private entrance and bathroom. It took me until the 1st of the month, to go take a look. Once I did found that the claims made were false. The room is a spare room off of the living room. The bathroom is next to her bedroom. The thing is planning on this spent most of my rent money less the $180.00 for the room, on paying bills. 
Now under normal conditions I might and still might have to but under normal conditions I'd go through with this. But you see, been reading scriptures, mainly my Book-of-Mormon, that says no co-habitation of a man and woman in the same house. Unless married. Now come next year, I'd like to be in a way where Shelly and I can get married in the Idaho Falls Temple, and be together for our eternal lives. I've nearly quit my Skoal, quit coffee, and stopped drinking. The reason I structured things for Shelly going back to Florida instead of staying with me in Evanston, was not so much us fussing, or that it was so she and I would not be tempted to doing un church teachings, and the possibility of us getting really cozy. 
Even with the bad feelings in my neighborhood, I love this little house, yes it has poor plumbing, yes it costs to heat it, but still its a WHOLE house. With room for all my stuff, and after Shelly and I are married in the Temple, could be a very nice home for both of us.
So I'm praying tonight that I can get Mark my former Bishop to give a ring to my Bishop Egbert here in Wendell and see if one last time I can get my rent covered for November so I can get out of this mess. I don't want to be forced into sin because of my being stupid or something. It's complicated.
Look when it comes to women in general, you can't trust any of them. Most are lying, cheating con artists that use their bodies to entrap men into doing things they really don't want to do. 
When it comes to me finding a mate, I feel I found it in Shelly. Sure she ain't no super model, and just barely eye candy, but then neither am I.  Thing is Shelly loves me and I her. We are the only two people that can put up with each other. I want to have her for all eternity. That will be lost if I have to move into that room in Holister. So hopefully Mark, you read this and can intercede on my behalf.
Now need to getting back to reading scriptures. I'm in Alma just after he and Amuluck got out of prison.

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