Friday, November 3, 2017

Finally seeing sunlight in a very dark space.

I'm finally seeing sunlight in a very dark space. 
When I pulled the cork and relocated back here to a home town, I thought things outside of some slight variances would be the same. I didn't take into account that some of the people I went to school here with might get hitched and have famdamnlies of their own, or that some moved to areas offering more economic advantages. I had thought from the noise I got from Cable-One were accurate and some tech advances might just have occured. 
Sadly they didn't.
The observation and serious discomfort of my rebel flags on all of my rides from my neighbors, as well as having a serious high octane rebel in the neighborhood would cause such grief  . I thought I could continue going to Church and become a good addition to this community. Again that did not happen.
Serious omissions from my landlord, tires being slashed, and so on, even given my generosity, would cause such an utter hatred of me, the Knytes and or the WolfPack, would be such that another move in less than 6 months would be required. When I packed up, and left Evanston Wyoming I had great plans for myself, the WolfPack and so on, that when I finally unloaded my last stick of furniture that things for myself would improve. 
Was it a prompting from Heavenly Father in answer to my prayers in vein, or even from Heavenly Father but more from Satan? 
Sure I lost the shop in Etown, but that could have been recovered. I had friends , and was making albeit slow, but strides, in my personal as well as business infrastructure. But even that was not the reason I relocated and in a way I can sort of see how she felt.
While it may have been all in her attitude or something, my Shelly felt ostercized in Etown, as I do here in Wendell. So figuring there were professionals here that are not in Etown, that could help my Shelly, and get her education finished, I moved here.
The first kill came from a gal who saw an ad I placed on Facebook for our usual pinup searches. I'd completely forgot I had even put it up there.
She came over and turned a lot of stuff upside down. Some good, some not so good. But she got paid for her services whatever they were, but she got paid for the services she rendered. 
Now however I have the chance to undo the current negative flow of operations and redirect that current towards a better positive flow. 
I did all this however mainly for my Shelly, I just hope she appreciates what I have done and have went through to get here. For her, mainly for her. 
Live long and prosper.

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