Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ever watched a bunch of monkeys screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink.

Here's a ad you'll never hear on radio or see on TV, with a tag that reads," Ever see a bunch of Monkeys screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink." I don't know what Century they're thinking of, must be the 19th Century. Now my re-entering service with CenturyLink came as through another serious bunch of service provider mess ups, from Cable-One, in which due to a series of hiccups on my part getting them sort of paid, and Cable-One not having the techno savy to hook things up right, I got billed in September some $1500.00 bucks, that currently is in lawsuit country, as we are suing them for both breach of contract and excess delay of service as well as overcharging. So in serious need I called CenturyLink, after I found that Filer Mutual couldn't connect us via wifi. Best speeds the lady tells me is 5mbps down maybe 2mbps up. Streaming HazzardAyre at those speeds was impossible. But the lady puts me in touch with a guy in Pheenix Arizona by the name of Raphael . So far so good. 20/20 mbps . Not great but will work. 30 days to get us up and running he says. Now the next was my fault. I figured on moving me at the op to Buhl, October 1st. So I shut down the Wendell Idaho install, but informed Raphael that we had a location set in Gooding Idaho. Which is still on delay, really? That's the main studio. So I get a notice from some gal, in Louisiana saying they shipped more equipment to the Wendell location. Damn it CenturyLink, focus on the GOODING IDAHO location, not so much the Wendell Idaho location. Shit they haven't even done the site survey in Gooding yet. For a company that's rooted in communication, they don't communicate very well if at all, either between myself or between each other. Damn it!! Focus on the main studio location in Gooding, not the damn auxilliary location in Wendell. 
When Mountain Bell, aka CenturyLink was a baby bell as they called it then, service was slow, but you had local area people serving this area. If the district office in Twin Falls couldn't handle a service issue they escalated it to Boise, if they couldn't handle it, it went to Aurora Colorado. Then the company got bigger and nearly went bankrupt. So they became Qwest. Still trying to keep up or catch up with cable internet and the decline in landlines they became CenturyLink. And started having sales and other reps spread all over the nation. I experienced things from two points and the third after farting around for 3 months in Evanston, Wyoming. I flat dumped CenturyLink. I started communicating with some hot blonde gal in Las Vegas from CenturyLink, but in the end, after much frustration I signed up with AllWest there in Evanston and was happy as could be. Even if I did miss a payment deadline, a call to a sweetheart at their home HQ in Kamas Utah, and we stayed operational. But they were local, with local people and if there was a real need the boss's would come up and visit. However in no cable system, nor telecom like CenturyLink, do they have anyone in sales or installation, that deals with broadcasting, or at least radio/TV broadcasters. Broadcasting is a very specialized area. However with the popularity of things like podcasting, webcasting and such many people are creating their own web radio/TV stations, and need the horsepower of much higher upload and download Internet. Many are willing to pay the $400.00 to $600.00 a month to get that horsepower. Trouble is telecom's and cable services have not looked into the future, and started to upgrade their systems to handle that horsepower requirement. What the telecom's and cable system providers also don't understand or want to understand is that for every hour that a web based radio station is off the air even at one sponsor paying ad time of $100.00 an hour wont have their ad heard because that Telecom, or cable system provider couldn't get somebody like us hooked up in a reasonable time. A few weeks even a month, is one thing, but this thing is taking forever and still not hooked up, in either location. To date, we've lost $15,000.00 in ad revenue, and I'm thinking maybe we just should have swallowed our pride and paid Cable-One the $1500.00 if CenturyLink, doesn't have the Gooding Idaho location installed by the second or third week just prior to Christmas, come the first week in January 2018 the set up with CenturyLink, will be shit canned and we'll file suit at CenturyLink. Too bad you can't just sue for absolute stupid. 
Stay tuned.

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