Thursday, November 2, 2017

Ain't Lithium sweet? Mix it with 200 Octane hootch and its a party.

So got back from evening meal, kicking back mulling over the days events. 1st have our old place near Gooding back , second new housing on the horizon, and just absorbing the calm before the storm before the relocate at the end of the month from Wendell to Gooding. 
So am about to fire up the TV and watch Alex, hey I get a serious stiffy when she comes on the TV , kind of reminds me of the speel from Travis Tritt and Bill Engvall on that's awesome. What'd be awesome? Finding Alex at my door in nothing but a trench coat, naked under the trenchcoat with a note attached by my Shelly that said , her she is, have a good time. 
So about to get up and fetch a Bromo Seltzer after eating so much at the Cowboy Cafe in Gooding, here comes this last interview that will be conducted from the Wendell location. So Mariah was here and we visited for quite a bit, all was going well, my Shelly checking on me every 15 minutes, which Mariah's feller was checking on her but couldn't get through. He shows at about the tail end of the interview all fussing. Apparently he and her got into a trite outside. Me I was beat. Chatted with my Shelly and went into bed. Woke up with a terrible case of acid reflux which is why I'm here now. Can't sleep with puke in my throat.
So checked on my bank account. Found that I so it said of quite a bit more than what I know is in there. Bank must be updating records or something. 
Will Mariah be on our airwaves? My guess is no, since she had that fight with her hubby over it. Thing too, and I'm still wondering about this. Although its really not publicized much, how is it that folk who live in or near Jerome, Idaho, have not been to, or know of the Airpower Unlimited Muzzeeum? It's not that , that P-38 sitting outside is a give away, nor the fact that there's a big sign on the hangar, but why is it few know its there? 
Found out too, Mariah is a distant kin folk on Mom's side of the family, the Sant side. 
Any flyte need some zz's. 
Gotta put these up, for examples of my favorite celeb noses.

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