Monday, October 2, 2017

What a woman wears on her feet will tell you a lot about the woman herself

Saw a clip from the View on ABC , and noticed that not one of those women hosts are wearing stockings, or heels. Mostly very conservative footwear and mostly no socks of any kind. 
Over the years I have noticed that you can tell a lot about a woman by what she wears on her feet. Nylons, heels and a skirt, says she's a flirt but has spunk. Where as one in platforms, or flats , with no socks are very conservative, settled at home and is way to much a conformist. The latter if in fact she is single and dating will go out to dinner, might order a mild beer, and want to go back home without anything more than a smooch at the door. The gal in nylons, heels and a skirt, will more than likely enjoy going clubbing, dancing, and will order a cocktail at dinner. Plus these fiesty types will most likely give you sort of under skirt access. Them is my kind of woman. 
I had to pass on in that group for Tomi fans, on fb, that Fox News Channel's gals always wear skirts, heels and 80% of the time super sheer nylons of some sort. Of course they don't call Fox News Channel FOX for nothing. 
Had a good day , got the app for the new studios in Buhl, that is looking more promising day to day. Got a new applicant for an on air person, wonder if she'll come over for a meet and greet? I'd love to have more of them well oiled and trained and knows what to do at the new studio, so we can be up and running and ready to hit the air with a full staff. $650.00 a month plus is a lot of green to put out if its just me doing it and quite frankly I'm tired of these stuck premadonnas in this area. No they will not come over or for that matter enter the Rode House, or even if they meet you in public at the mall they never reply or call back or just leave you wondering. Its one thing to say, no this is not right for me or at least call you and tell you that up front, but to keep you wondering and waiting. I'm rolling to the concept of since the FCC, has relaxed the regulations on having to have your studio in the city of license, to set up the mini station in Buhl, but me move to say metro Utah where on air talent is plentyful, and run the studio of the station there as well as the stations in Evanston Wyoming and Wendover Utah. 
Finally after going to bed after a bad spell involving my A1c and blood sugar last night into this morning, at 10:00AM I broke out in a sweat, cooled off and was okay. But that kind of thing spooked me. Look I'm not getting any younger, I'm only a few laps from making me and my Shelly permanante and even though I'm destined to doing this radio gig, I need employees, if I can't find em in Idaho here, I can find em in Utah. 
Early morning Tuesday, so I'm out of it here.


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