Monday, October 30, 2017

Things you might have noticed but decided not to look into further

There are certain things I notice about people, and especially women I meet that determines if I truly want to befriend them.
Of course women, I notice their feet, first to see if they followed protocol in my desires and wore nylons. If not even without nylons, I want to see what their feet look like. Not strictly as a visual carnal stimulant to me, but also how a woman cares for her feet and toes, will help you figure out exactly her true personality, and her degree of being clean, and fashion conscience. 
The next thing I notice of everyone I first meet and it nearly ripped me a new measure of observation. 
Remember how I reported that I was getting all giddy over Alex Whurley, of BIZTV/Business Rockstars fame? Well I relooked at her , and while from a frontal view her nose is okay, from the side, although not too bad, but still she has a beak. 
 I mean a real v ditcher witches nose. Of most celebrities the top two that I say have the sweet nose are Kerri Russell, of Felicity and Malibu Shores fame 
 Yovann Stravoski who played Sara on the hit TV show Chuck, 
 Now there's many other examples, but nothing makes me stop and think more than someone with a huge snoz. My Shelly has a slight beak, and plans are to have that fixed. But even the few guys I know that have big honkers for noses like my deceased cousin Bud. I mean he had a snoz that when he blew his nose you though that a flock of geese were flying over.
Of course these are but a few things and granted they are superficial, I'm sure that when most look at me they see my big belly and my pork chop side burns, that are a tribute to Paul senior on American Chopper , people get a different idea about me, but hey I like me, and I'm sure these ladies have no trouble getting dates on Saturday nights, but they are things I notice.
Okay then; have you found that after you have gathered so many friends on your fb account, especially if they're mostly women, than no other women can add you as their friends? Had two; Sugar and Tereesa, tried but fb said nope. So I got their fb access, and requested to be a friend. Guess what? No can do. FB won't let me add any women to my fb account. This is becoming a slight irritation, since many of these feminitiles are associates of mine. That said, if few of them wont give me their regular email account, be it yahoo, gmail, etc, so I can pass on business intel to, are they really wanting a long term career here? Or are they into us as an organization to do a model gig, get paid and then be off? It would seem that if its just being a photo op gig, then showing up for the audition in nylons and such ready to get their toe smooched for the infamous toew smooch, should be their top priority, not something that would make them run away faster than the RoadRunner from the Coyote. 
Speaking of FB have you noticed that the platform or social site, seems to be on the march to go from a FREE, no pay social site, to a you pay to be there no more FREE/no Pay site? As for the WolfPack and the Knytes, and especially me, I will not put one more ad on facebook. First it costs too much per click, two; none of who your targeting clicks, three there is no quantifiable results. None except maybe 3 in a lifetime of using fb, have been anyone worth hiring. I have learned that you just can't hire model talent from at least two places, bikini bars, and facebook. Your better off hiring fro CraigsList. Sure CraigsList is ify but you do get people you can work with, Erin(Nurse GoodBody) was recruited from CraigsList, and guess what it did not cost me a penny. Aside from the on air and model talent. 
When it comes to getting the word out about Highway Hooker Toewing? I get more incoming traffic, from Google My Business, and Yelp. And guess what friends? Both do not cost me one single cent. 
With virus's spreading across Facebook like the plague, and frauds there deeper than the mud pit, quicksand if I have to access Facebook, I'm afraid to. Facebook, Virus's and a box of candy, in all three, you never know what your going to get. 

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