Monday, October 23, 2017

Then of course there was her

Many people including my Shelly think that it is either Robin or Erin that holds the key to my heart. In reality there is one, who most likely I'll never see or be near again in my life. Although it'd be a hoot if I ever got the chance to even have a beverage and chat with her again.
It was a rainy morning at Layton Elementary School in Layton Utah, that September. I had just started in Mrs. O'Conners 2nd grade class and was into the creative writing class(yes even then) I was working on a thing from Humpty Dumpty Magazine on a re-write, when I got summoned to the Principal's office. 
My thoughts were , " Damn its too early for me to be in trouble already" Come to see my Mom there. I was being transfered.
Over to Crestview Elementary School we went. We arrived there, sat in Mr. Brimbhalls office where Miss Hill, his office person was there and after filling out a mess of paper work, we went to Mrs. Alex's 2nd Grade class. The next part of this even today is a blur since it was a magical few minutes that seemed to last for hours. As we walked in, sitting at the reading circle, in the smallest chair in the classroom, at the smallest desk in the classroom, sat the little blonde bombshell with the most transparent blue eyes that would from that second occupy my mind, my soul, and dreams. Then and even today. She wore Sour Apple lipstick, baby powder smelling parrfume, and can't remember much past that. 
Her name then, was Peggy Ann Follett. She lived on the East side of Layton on what we called snob hill. At night I would sit outside of our house just off Spurlock Drive. I would sit and watch up to her house, and wonder what she might be doing, or reading or watching on TV. 
One of the reasons I pushed to be book smart, was Peggy was a 4.0 gpa always student. If I was to stand a chance with her, I had to be in or at that gpa myself. 
Back then I was not big or chubby, in fact skinny as a rail, and I did not like to eat. In fact I had only very small portions of food, and my only food addiction was as it is today, Milk, and Milk products. 
By 3rd Grade, I had mustarded enough courage and was confident enough in my choice that I had saved enough money over that past summer mowing lawns to buy Peggy a diamond. Yes I was bound and determined. So on a bended knee, on her birthday I asked her if she'd wear my ring. Not quite an engagement ring but close enough. From then on until the end of 7th Grade at Central Davis Junior High, most of my class had just figured that Peggy and I would get hitched. I'd be working for an aviation company or owning a radio station somewhere. 
Of course life and dreams don't always meld together very well. Over the summer between 7th and 8th grade, Mom and Dad retired from military service at Hill Air Force Base and we up rooted from metro get it done Utah to go no where give it up Idaho. I was never a big fan of moving from there to Hazzard Idaho. The experimental advanced Talent program at Hazzard High, funded by a Federal Grant was all but over, and the biggest thing was sitting on a bridge just outside of our house eating butterscotch candies and floating the wrappers down that creek. 
By then I had lost contact with Peggy, her mom wouldn't let me talk to her, and until the day I got my standard driver license, my heart broke.
I had a few flings , Susan Ainsworth, who eventually married Ted Choles, Jody Hemmingway , who knows where she went, Lora Sandy, same thing. Although I still have vivid memories of some steamy hours in a 65 Mustang. But still nothing replaced Peggy. Then came the day Pat Jefferies gave me my license. $150.00 and my old Dodge Coronet, and I was Layton, Utah bound. Let's just say upon my arrival at Peggy's house was one of the most Heavenly nights I have EVER experienced. 
That was the last time I ever saw her. Towing, flying in with the 214 in the Marines, The Knytes, as well as what was starting as the WolfPack, I completely lost track and have never known what happened to her.
With all that said, yes I very much love my Shelly and will never EVER leave her side, with that said still its one thing to be married, and uniting hearts, but when it comes to Peggy, well that was the merging of souls. 
Why am I bringing this up this morning? Simple , I had a very sweet dream of Peggy overnight.
The details on my radio show.

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