Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Take me out God I've enough of this game.

Have you ever Googled the inquiry on how to commit suicide? You get lots of sites to prevent doing it, but what about flat just pulling the plug? Considering I'm very serious about possibly doing that, since I'm facing being homeless, so I Googled, I want to die now, How do I commit suicide? Know what? No such information. 
I made the move from Evanston Wyoming, mostly because to reunite with my beloved Shelly, who could not connect well in Evanston, here to Wendell Idaho. Wendell was not my first choice. I first saw a bar / apartment in Richfield Idaho, for $700.00 a month. The reason I looked at that is simply that the bar COULD make at least the rent back. Add my towing service and the Knyte's radio station there, it was money on the money tree. But it got took two days after I called on it. Okay, so this little house, not apartment, but a whole house, in Wendell for $500.00 a month. I can live with this I thought. So here I came and got into it. Two days after I got here some seatcover named Mylinda comes over after reading one of our poster girl ads on FB. Okay here's a good sign I thought. So worked that for a month. Nothing came out of it except I was $200.00 poorer, which should have went to rent. Okay, Dom, my landlord was tweaked, but let me stay on. Thought I had it in the bag but some oversized gal in Burley was interested in helping with the radio gig and facing loosing Cable-One, I went on a fools chase on getting a place over there. One problem , the General JaXson was really hurting and couldn't get over there to fill out paperwork. Okay, in amongst that paid the big gal's rent of $100.00 . But that was enough to put Dom, into a frenzzy. Told Dom, I'd pay him $650.00 a month with the extra $100.00 or so going on back rents. No problem. Then came the General JaXson's tranny, giving up. It runs, just not that far and wont shift. Plus leakes oil. So found a Saturn for $300.00 down, $300.00 a month. But could only do $300.00 of the rent, and with scrapping the General, another $100.00 , nope Dom said by the 11th or your out. 
With that everything going with the club, from poster girls to radio station I put on hold. 
Sure the Club members would like to help, but most of them are deployed the rest are broke, and Club money is in hiatus until the audit, following our elections from mid year this year. So no help there. 
So again, how does one commit suicide? Cause as it says, God take me out cause I've had enough of the life game. And why not? I have done everything, and many things many people only dream of. My LexiBelle is 350 miles away, no shop to take my mind off everything, plus at least a shop would give me shelter. Barely Internet, no TV, It just keeps getting worse. 
Got a few things to go on, but I'm very worried, if its death or being homeless, I'd rather be dead.
So again; How do you commit suicide? 
L8R Maybe>?

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