Saturday, October 21, 2017

Take down my flag in my studio, hey Bud, don't like my show, take a hike and don't let the door hit you in the ass

Welcome to the KnyteCide of the WolfPack.
First out the door, some jerk on some fb site for and about Internet radio had the Degaul to tell ME that my flag in my photo 
of MY studio , in MY home had to go. Really asshole, Do the letters F-O mean anything to you. That flag will be taken down to drape over my coffin, not before. Don't like my station? Well dude ; take a hike and don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
Then earlier today, in scanning my inbox of my email saw a comment by one of my area neighbors saying that this old man was going senile, apparently from supposedly yelling at one of his offspring. Yelling he says, I never yelled, I just sternly asked that his offspring mosey along like the big bad policeman told me to do when the kids drifted by my house, plus the stern yelling at me by another neighbor for speaking to her kids. Just doing what I was told. But to the concept of going senile, maybe. See I had thought that with the big city of Twin Falls increasing its economic aptitude that perhaps the surrounding towns like Wendell had began to expand its mindset beyond the idiotic and primate mind of say even 10 years ago. I have found that isn't so. Now the entire town of Wendell ain't so bad, many here that knew me years ago when I went to school here, partied here, cruised here as a teen to early 20's, still likes me and many I enjoy doing business with. But there are those hiding from something, fearing something, and all that feel the need to bark at me. Yes I am going senile, thinking that Idaho had progressed by a miracle into the 21st Century, that the religious or some other crutch that keeps things from moving forward here. Yes going senile, in giving up a nice air conditioned very nice apartment, a community that accepted, not completely agreeing with me, but accepted me, where I was the Alpha wolf in the towing side of my world, and where in an hours drive had a creative and extremely progressive city like Salt Lake City Utah. I fully agree that my mind must be leaving me, since I moved from Evanston Wyoming , moving here to prevent my Shelly of having to fight with a few locals in Etown there that she felt was a threat to her domestic bliss. But that too will soon be over. Since I have scored on a place in southern Twin Falls, and just waiting on the green light for the place on the west end of Twin Falls County for the radio gig. 
Since I got here, I have had fuel stolen, tires shot out, slashed and damaged. I have to go out back just to catch fresh air, but when the other young ones come out I have to go inside. Really? 
Absolutely I'm going senile thinking , I could come back to the area I was raised. Uncle Jessie used to say for every road that leads away from home there are two that lead back. Trouble is at least in my case, those roads are still under construction, and have DEAD ENDS .
AyreWolfFM Radio in the AM and HazzardAyre Radio in the evening.

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