Friday, October 6, 2017

Stressing over where to hang my hat at night and the things you notice but never say anything about

Okay, still stressing over where to hang my hat after Wednesday. See that's the deadline for either paying up or moving from the little brown house in Wendell. While the radio gig has a home and all, soon to be near Buhl, still where I live is still very much up in the air. My current landlord, is sneaky too. If he had told me Wednesday that he had plans on giving me the boot, I'd have never gave him the $300.00 in my pocket. The guy is not being honest and all which is why I'm looking for new quarters. What it means too is the installation of equipment to get HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM out on the cyber air is in a state of suspension , which is cutting into my income generation. Days like today I wish I wouldn't have unplugged from Evanston Wyoming and just stayed put. I have ran into more swindlers and crooks since I moved here than I have ever seen. Starting with Cable-One and translating into my landlord. Too bad Idaho doesn't have a stronger Department of Consumer protection like Utah does. 
Okay so next move radio station. Head em up move em out Thursday unless I work something out with landlord. Hitting anyone up for $500.00 in the middle of the month is stupid. By middle of the month if your funded by the USA Government means your main bills are paid, but little mid month. As for me, had I not had to buy another car, all the rent and all for this domicile, would have been no sweat, but with the car being bought, insurance ,(full coverage insurance) and all cost me right at $700.00 . Thought I'd have gotten more out of the General JaXson than $150.00 but hey price of metal is down. But ain't making hay with A1 as much as I used too. Even thinking of saying to hell with the none compete agreement with A1 and going towing harder with our two tow companies. 
Any mile, so need to find quarters so getting Veronica and others to scout for new quarters, for me. I'll do the scouting for the station.
Okay then, some ask if your shakey on where your living, why or how can you hire help? Simple, the radio gig is the WolfPack, housing is me. I serve the WolfPack, I get a tiny check from them for doing so, the more they make the more I make. Simply put the radio gig is business, my housing is personal. 
Okay then, have you thought of this? If I hear or read anything more on this Harvey Wienstien messing with women I'm going to puke. Which reminded me of several others, Bill Cosby and President Clinton, as well as during the campaign President Trump. The women these guys messed with or are accused of, messing with all are pretty much butt fugdugly. If your in a place or stature of power. Why play with fugduglies? At least pick one that has some serious eye candy. Monica Lewinski, fugdugly, That Judd sister that Harvey messed with, again fugdugly, then the women Cosby and Trump pinched. Again , fugdugly. Course the only time these women surface is when some guy is rising to the top of his profession. Once you start making money, its sue city. My thought is, if your going to possibly get caught messing around with somebody , at least make sure its, somebody worth getting sued over.
Okay then another thing. There ought to be a law, that women who wear Yoga tight pants or whatever they are should have to wear underwear or a diaper with em. Example, had a newby show up and really interview for an on air spot. Granted I should not look at crotches but I do, hey I'm a guy. I first look at toes and/or feet, then crotch. Hey we are eventually going video got to make sure the new hires can cut it on camera. 
So the newby, was okay, and I think she'll work in as a news jock, but I don't know about full time on air anchor. Thing is the newby was either very nervous or something, but you could tell she'd been piddling in her pants , serious wet spot. But hey if I made her wet all to the good huh?
So waiting for her and another who decided that getting a drink or two was more important, I missed my Fish night at the Depot Grill. In my life I don't have many pleasures left. LexiBelle is in Wyoming so can't mess with her(LexiBelle is my tow truck 
I love that truck more than any woman I have ever known. Except for my sweet Shelly. LexiBelle, purrs when I need her to, does what I ask, and seldom argues with me. )
When it comes to pleasures I have only a few like I said. One of which is Fish night at the Depot Grill in Twin Falls. I love those shrimp and scallops, yummy. Yet tonight between the interview and having to charge up my phone, I missed Fish night. So am figuring on Denny's for a Moon over My Hammy, which is good too. The other pleasures are simple, riding my bike(Harley, Panhead SoftTail) and specially blended coffee, which I get from two places one is where Nurse GoodBody's daughter works in Jerome, and the other is Java Bean in Twin Falls. Beyond those and flying, I have no pleasures left. That includes sex. I'm just not interested in sex. I'm too stressed and my equipment needs a ton of foreplay, before I can play. The other reason sex is no longer on the table is I'm saving myself for my Shelly. 
Now then for my radio show and this blog. I take my comedic bits on air from two places of inspiration. One is of course Howard Stern, although he is only 4 years older than me, I was doing edgy radio long before he was. I came out of the WolfMan Jack, Dr. Demento era, but Stern took radio into another dimension. He did it his way and does not care what the censors or station management thinks. Hence , Stern has Robin Quivers, a female news/co-anchor so I need one. That's why I'm looking for someone to be in studio that can be my wing person. Okay then;
The other comedic inspiration I have, that I found had more thought into his observations of the human condition, is legendary comic, George Carlin. As he said and I do the same thing, my responsibilty to my audience is, coming into your world and reporting the goofy shit. Things you might have thought about but never thought about until I reminded you of it. In my day I do research into the human condition, by enhancing one of my last pleasures, in going to the Magic Valley Mall in Twin Falls having coffee there and observing people. 
Any mile Denny's awaits. 

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