Monday, October 23, 2017

Sometimes a cake is just a cake and too some times you just have to poop.

Hey fellow WolfPack I have TV once again. Okay it ain't the best and its duration is indetermined but it's TV. The one channel 38 UHF in Twin Falls Idaho called YouToo TV which is America One undercover. But its TV. So was watching this movie with Samuel L Jackson and Ashley Judd in it, produced by:? Yep, Harvey Weinstein. Guess as much shit the guy has been getting crap slung at him lately but hey his films are hot right now. Anything for ratings, right? So I texted my lady Shelly, and mentioned that Ms. Judd has a cute nose. She does , I'm sorry I'm passionate about dainty toes , tiny feet and small noses. I like little button noses, rather than big honkin snozzes and trumpets. I am also into really A sized breasts and size maybe 8 inch waists. I don't like big jugs and fat bellies. Like Bro once said anything bigger than a mouthful is a waste. He is right. It was funny, Bro was at least 5 years younger than me , had hardly ever been outta Hazzard in his life yet knew more about women than any body I have ever known.
So as I mentioned in a text to my Shelly, she calls and says that she was a bit put off about the tiny nose thing, that she should just eat like a porker and not care, instead of working to better herself to please me. Now I'm not slim by any means, but I need to loose at least 70 pounds before I can get my clean card from the FAA to fly again. So I'm down to eating these really small Oscar Myer snacks with 7 crackers some really small ham slices and a once of cheese. Which gives me all I need in nutrition, it is though why I wasn't on the spot, to catch my lady Shelly's call. Had to really unload my bowels. Reason? Ms. Brenda brought me over this mess of grub along with a half cake that looks like a pound cake cut in half. After chowing down on that my insides needed to unload. 
Now Ms. Brenda is okay looking as far as that goes, and as far as I know not involved with anybody and older than two 57 Chevies but she helps keep me fed and that's okay. See some folks here in Wendell don't all think I such a big bad Wolf.
Okay then.
Remember the ep, from Star Trek Next Generation? Where Data was having goofy dreams and in it , it was said that sometimes a cake is just a cake? Well sometimes my lady Shelly, nothing is going on sometimes I just need to poop.

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