Sunday, October 15, 2017

Of the foot fetish variety, to date there is no record that has been set, yet

Okay I'll admit it, it is goofy and perhaps a bit perverse, but feet and toes in nylons have always attracted me. Most young boys, before the idea of anything sexual or physical, have wondered at those toes in hose from about kindergarten age. After all what else are you looking at when sitting on the floor as the teacher did story time or read to you? I always had two amongst many questions, and it hasn't changed either. But why is it that at the knee of a woman wearing good nylons that there is a circle over her knee the exact size of a 50 cent piece? Why not a quarter, Silver dollar or a dime? Why a 50 cent piece? Why is it that nylon stockings are slightly thicker than pantyhose? If there's elastic holding up the stockings at thigh high, why is it that there is a need for a garter band or straps? 
These were my questions, along with the fact that I wondered why the white stockings of say a nurse, felt different than say taupe stockings? Of course and then school districts, and MY parents didn't take it so seriously, but my introduction to anything sexual, although not in the penetration area but the sniffing feeling and ejaculation, discoveries were to happen at a time in My 6th Grade at Crestview Elementry school in Layton Utah. See there was a teacher named Miss Jensen, who taught 4th grade, but gave me remedial help on my math studies. Help she did, she wore these stockings that had a black seam up the back her toes and legs always smelled good, and so one eve she gave me a ride home, we did small talk and I'll let you conceive what happened next. I was hooked on women in nylons.
By the time I got to Hazzard High School in Hazzard Idaho, there was a grammer/English teacher there named Mrs. Brailsford, who at the time(don't know about now) but at the time she had the finest set of legs at Hazzard High, followed by Mrs. Varin . In both cases I made a point of being as close as I could to both. Of course having Senior girls at school tease me with this, sunk the hook even deeper. Jeri Omahandra, Becky Tupper, and Lora Sandy made sure stockings well worn were hanging in my locker at school and so on, right up to the point, Indian Rick had named me the Pantyhose Kid, and put it on a huge billboard at Addison and Washington in Twin Falls. Now there are some that would be disgusted and insulted about this; not me. I figured how can I make money out of this? By the late 1970's the word Wrecker was relaced by tow truck. A word that sounded like toe but spelled different. Of course then came Hazzard County and of course Daisy Duke. Who because of censorship had to wear nylons with those famous shorts. Television couldn't have handed me a better marketing tool while I personally explored my fascination with all things feet and toes in nylons. 
The idea started on a recovery trip to western Wyoming, with a limo from Hazzard on back of LexiBelle. Bro and I stayed over in Morgan Utah. I saw an ad in the phone book with the tag, " we don't want your arms and legs, just your towes" Then wouldn't you know it a few weeks later saw an ad where some plumbing guy in Boise Idaho unplugged the shitter at some old gals house in snob hill Boise. Here she sat in a black marbled all mirrored, gold fixtured indoor outhouse, and drinking  wine, the plumber guy kissed the lady's hand , tag went; "we treat all out customers like royalty" few weeks later saw the Disney flick Cinderella where the prince puts on Cinderella the glass heel shoe. The ingrediants were there so I put that together where I kissed a look alike Daisy being rescued by Cooter(me) and he kissing her toes and us saying we just love Towes. Later I respelled it TOEWS from a suggestion from Emme Lou. The rest as they say is history, except both Nurse GoodBody and Emme Lou said , why not stage a thing where I kissed a woman's toes in nylon hose to set a Guiness World Record, since even to today, there is no record of it. Very basic concept being, getting some free TV and news print ink, for both my towing company as well as the Radio station/Network. 
Watch here and tune in for more details on the project.
See ya'll on the radio, as for now headed to Church.

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