Sunday, October 15, 2017

Of course there is the factor of the neighborhood I bed down at and improper advancement of technology

Of all the great strides in advancement in Twin Falls Idaho, the outback areas of the valley just have not or are very slowly making infrastructure improvements. Internet bandwidth has not been one of them. 
If you want extreme flow or bandwidth, it's Cable-One or the cable companies. Cable-One is kick ass Internet, problem is, for that extra horsepower you have to pay for it and dig deep for the rate, usually in the $500.00 to $600.00 a month range. Which isn't so bad except when they hit you with a bill for at minimum 3 months in advance down payment. 3 months equals $1,500.00 which they do not tell you about. Sure you can hold em to the agreement in the contract, but that contract suprisingly gets deleted once you digi sign it, unless you do as I did, take a screen shot of it, and enhance it via your photo editing program. 
When it comes to firms like SafeLink, Filer Mutual you can only get that if your house can look at their towers, above the trees. Or your stuck with the phone company, aka CenturyLink. Now I have had both good and bad experiences with CenturyLink, Here in this area and Ogden Utah, crappy. In Bountiful Utah it was hammer down at dang near 200mbps down and at minimum 75 mbps up. Back to Evanston Wyoming, CenturyLink, maybe 5 down much less up. But Evanston Wyoming has a better gig, AllWest. Sure they have their off days, but overall I was not without service even once there. Why? First I had a great account manager, and a team at AllWest that even if our money flow was slow, would keep me and HazzardAyre and all on the air. Even if I had to at times break it up with partial payments. This is something Cable-One wasn't willing to do. 
Of course Internet bandwidth horsepower can be hurt by the neighborhood you live in, the conditions of the lines running to it. In my neighborhood, I know there is someone siphoning off my horsepower. How do I know? I have studied this, School hours, overnight real late and Sunday between the hours of 11:00AM to about the time Church lets out, solid speed on the Internet.  Outside of those hours, Internet is super slow, to none existent. Last week one of CenturyLink's more intelligent techs showed up here, did some testing, found constant errors did a trace found a tapped line. Cut that off and for a few days speed improved, wouldn't be suprized if the line has been tapped once again. This wouldn't be so bad if we as a radio station/network wasn't loosing money at the rate of $500.00 an hour since September 24th. Or if I would see or be seeing more from the tech gurus from CenturyLink getting at installing the fiber optic that is promised. Yet outside of one guy poking in his head and saying he needed me to get a piece of plywood, I ain't seeing nothing. I'm getting to thinking, maybe paying off the $1,500.00 to Cable-One might have and still could be the plan. Oh and that free months comp Internet? I got a bill 
Damn near $300.00 where's the free part? There ought to be laws that mandate that all telcos and such including cable systems that supply Internet, have to tell the entire truth. Not just a fraction of the truth with hidden or obscure terms. 
Will report to you what hammers on CenturyLink and all next week.
Days like today, makes me wish I'd have stayed in Evanston. Oh one more think, remember the hot legs from Evanston, named Andrea? Seems that they guy she was seeing turned out to be Mr. Asshole. Seems Andrea is homeless. Hey I offered she refused, Hey I got my Shelly.

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