Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My what a long tail the putty tat has, Despite the it wont happen attitude of many HazzardAyre continues to prosper

In 2009 just at a time when the WolfPack lost our studio to a greedy crook in Gooding Idaho, several of my people came over to Bliss Idaho where I was living and said, that it was impossible to do what we are doing, and that I ought to give it up. In early 2013 Charlie's wife Jennifer said the same thing and threw in the road blocks to thwart our advancement. Then a miracle happened, a TV engineer guy who rode a bike got into the mix, got us set up with Livestream.com and I ain't looked back since. 
Now today looking at a place that will enable us to go XM, and so on, its my what a long tail the putty cat got. Got a PM on Fb from some gal in Twin Falls who always says she's interested in being an on air, yet never travels over to have a sit down. All too many are like that. Even if they do show working for a air combat veteran/biker club is a bit in Yes I can remember the nay sayers that tried to silence the howl of the Wolf. And for a year or two they did, until HazzardAyre was born in mid 2012 and became the champion it is today. The networks name comes from Hazzard County Radio combined with AyreWolfFM that combination becomes HazzardAyre. We are the rebel station of the mountain west, we were the first online station for military aviation enthusiasts , long before there was a Warbird Radio. And even though many others have faded, HazzardAyre is still pumping iron. 
Today caught an email from our carrier for our online station telling me that Amazon.com is contracting with us to be Amazon.com's exclusive on demand station . Yes Syerd and all who said to quit and just go tow, we stayed with it and now see what's happening. Now just got to get CenturyLink to get it all back online.

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