Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Money stress and, What is it with great looking women going after Mexican men?

Sitting here stressed over rent money, got most of it, but trying to connect with Charlie over the last two days has been a bit distant to say the least. But maybe today is the day. 
Looks as though the 20/20 internet connection will go through, only trouble is; ain't going to matter much if I get my butt booted.
Indian Rick called several times, his Dad is pissed that I didn't buy the Lincoln, but to buy that was a stretched out thing, and I need a ride now especially if I get evicted. So needed a car. While a Saturn isn't a sports car and so on, still its got gadgets, rides well and is good on gas. So why not? 
Still pushing for the place in Buhl, between the downstairs to run the radio station, and upstairs for a short time apartment, until I find less expensive residential quarters makes the new place in Buhl workable. 
Okay then; What is it about super hot ladies going after Mexican men? Yesterday saw it several times, including twice at Simerly's. Now I kinda understand women going after Black men, since Black males have slightly larger builds than us white corpuscles. But Hispanic males from what I have heard have very small builds. So why? The reverse question becomes, if its white women going after Hispanic men, then why is it that more Hispanic women, don't go after white men? Is it that white men are put off by Hispanic women? After all over time, Hispanic women gain more weight in the butts and get bigger, dried out skin feet. Or is there another reason the Hispanic women don't pursue white men? 
So Miss Jolley from Jerome never came over yesterday, maybe this evening, but as it says," Sometimes you have to go bat shit crazy to make a point", so I put up a post on our fb page of the mini studio here in Wendell. Just so that a few of the disbelievers and doubters could see what they see on the outside of this mini brown house ain't what is inside. 
Any flyte, now that I done took my meds for my diabetes and all, its bath and bed time. Let ya'll know wuzz up in the afternoon.

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