Sunday, October 1, 2017

Men do love a great pair of legs and love kissing marshmello toes

B4 I get into the main focus of my topic, I need to make this growl.
Earlier tonight I tried very hard to rewatch a talk by LDS official Oaks. I got just about half way through it, and the damn Internet was so slow that it kept buffering to the point that I finally gave up. CenturyLink just has not caught up to the degree of horsepower than the Cable companies have. Lets face it want high performance Internet? It's Cable-One or your cable company or nothing. Not to say CenturyLink don't try really hard, but there has to be somewhat of a investment return to get them to build up what's already here. President Trump and even President Bush Junior, say they are all for beefing up Internet in rural America. The big push for digital TV was to open bandwidth to do just that. Ain't seen it and unless there's a Government mandate for them to do so, the telecom's wont do it. I know what's going to happen over the next month, CenturyLink is going to send their site engineers and all here. It's going to be a month still off air, and eventually guess what, its going to be the same thing and the same answer, we can't do it. But at least I have enough here to write and let ya'll know what's up.
Okay then; as far back as I can remember I from a physical point of pleasure, have enjoyed the soft, silky feelings that come from caressing and all a fine pair of legs, provided those legs have been shaved and are in a even nicer pair of nylons. The scent of a woman's feet , the taste of sweet toes in nylon hose against my lips and my nose, is too much to resist. 
Many guys I have chatted with on this say , " well your not having sex with her feet" Thing is a man that knows what to do in a toe or foot worship session, will have erotic pleasure well beyond his imagination. 
Many new programs on say YouTube deal with this desire, the best one is BadAss Becky's show on YouTube. Sydney Lee has also gotten into the mix. Although one of her videos was blanked out of 13 seconds of audio. Even so, nylons ARE a way to a mans fantasies and his bedroom if not his heart.
In one of my last postings I mentioned this young gal who meandered into our local Maverick here in Wendell. She was wearing the tightest pair of Yoga pants that were just asking for attention. If I were not already involved with my Shelly, I might have attempted some sort of approach, even thought of asking her if she would be interested in doing some of our pictorials for aircraft or for that matter trucks. But thought that at 03:00 at a stop and go type place in my old car and me with grease and all , over me I thought against it. However today at the Twin Falls Idaho Walmart, saw several young ladies wearing leggings of the black spandex, spanxs yoga pant styles. But then got to the checkout and saw I think she was Espanic some how, any mile, she was wearing some sort of tights . And that was all. I didn't know if it was a athletic outfit or what, but those hot pink tights stole the show. Not only myself , but I think most of the healthy real males in there were taking a gander as well. Even saw one guy get hit in the shoulder by his old lady, as he really took in that gal in the hot pink tights. 
As far as the toes in nylon hose, or just toes in general. For me to get really interested size 6 or smaller is preffered. I have only 4 ladies in my life that truly measured up to that, the first is Cynthia Newell of Emmett Idaho, Miss Road Resque of 1985. I put up a yellow pad paper notice on the then Thrifty Nickle in Boise, one day when eating next door at some diner. It was during the Knytes Towing Council meeting of that year, thing was to do a bit for the towing industry in both trucker trade press, as well as on TV. She sent my some Poloroids to me in Pocatello. I went up met her, did a wardrobe selection session, and set up a photo session two weeks after. Took LexiBelle up and took the pics, Paid her and it was done, no big explaination session. The next was Robin Miss Dixie Diesel 1993, who I hold as one of our bench marks, as far as little fuss, and the last was Miss AyreWolfFM who we call Nurse GoodBody, Erin in 2009. Erin was even so brave that she let me explore my desire to my hearts content. I never left the studio without her feet and toe scents all over my face and my hands. To put it mildly that desires were met.
Marshellow toes in nylon hose are not easy to find, those are the kind of toes that are so small and dainty that if you had hot chocolate you'd want to dip those toes in it. Erin's were one and a gal who worked for us a short time in Twin Falls for as Miss HazzardAyre Radio. 
The old slogan of Leggs Hosiery Company said it best, Nothing Beats a great pair of Legs, I'd like to take it one step further, men do love legs. 
As for HazzardAyre Radio, only two ways we can get back on air; the first is for some kind soul, to donate $2k to us to pay off Cable-One and reinstate service, or two move as planned to Buhl where we can be in line to access Filer Mutal, and/or 3; Move back to Evanston Wyoming, pay the old bill to AllWest there and go that way. CenturyLink is going to try, but I think in the end they are going to come up dry. But we see. I plan on keeping CenturyLink, but once Cable-One is paid, going to have CenturyLink as a back up. As far as TV, going with Dish network, but for Internet, to get us the horsepower performance we really need its more likely Cable-One. Maybe in the year 2025 or even 2525 CenturyLink, might get to the point of fiber optic threading Wendell. 
I'm headed for my bunk house have a air freight run at 09:00 then cleaning out Gen. JaXson as the ole General will be going to A1 come Monday . 
Details on ye new General next time.

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