Saturday, October 28, 2017

KnyteWolf Prowl

After near 4-1/2 days of pilot car duty this old Wolf was in bed, holding my head as I hurled into the can. Guess the food that I ate on the highway versus the crap I eat here in western Idaho, mainly home, collided.
A week ago frustrated with no TV Keith was here and said lets see if that old Christian station out of Tweaker Flatts still works. So after some fiddling around I got both UHF Channels 45 and 38 to come in.
On CH-45 has BizTV Network on it. As such they run this one show called Business Rockstars, which is a show focusing on and spotlighting start up companies and just getting their feet wet as SMB's or Small Medium Business's. Now Business Rockstars, has 5 male hosts, and one knock out bombshell named Alex Whurley. 
 And who gets the show rolling every day? Who get's the choicest assignments? Yep Alex. Now I had thought this cheesecake focus pitch gals was pretty much on the decline and even more so, considering the Harvey Weinstein shit.  But nope, here's a TV show about business tips and such using a hot blonde to get YOU the hungry male corpuscle to watch the show. 
Then the same network, was pitching some sleaze from FoX News, talking on the featuring of hot blondes with caressable legs on FoX and Friends. Now understand, what Harvey did was inexcusable and the guy should be hung by his balls from the highest tree. However; could some of these cupcakes be inviting the attention? Either on purpose or by accident, but a hot set of legs peeking from just under a super mini skirt, clad in nylons and in 7 inch heels is going to raise even the more conservative males testosterone level . It just can't be helped.
Now that said, the same reason that Business Rockstars has Alex 

is why we search and search, and search for super and medium attributed hotties for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM. Sure radio is not video, but more and more shows especially those going podcast or streaming radio also has albeit the video quality is poor, but is video. If you can't have that hot bombshell in your studio on your show, no matter the topic or the core of the show , then people will migrate to shows that do. 
Internet radio is not just radio heard locally, its radio and video seen and heard globally. You have to have a great package as well as a great sound. 
With that said; what you do on air and in between music sets is now in question. As well as where you do it.
And okay I was slow to tree this squirel but if you have hotties on your gig, you have to have a very public, very, professional and a very open downtown place to do it. The reasons that we have had so much trouble in getting women on air, is the fact that it is in a private although its more a hang out place for the Iron Knytes/AyreWolvez WolfPack, two its the strange awkward touchy feely of smooching a gals stockinged toes and the offbeat sematics that we have here. Sure 5 , 10 even 20 years ago you could get away with that. In our area, the extreme conservative of religious types seems to get nervous in such surroundings. Sure Stern did it in DC years ago, but I think your going to see a complete overhaul on how things are done in Hollywood and entertainment. The Harvey Weinstein shit, has focused more attention, on the fact that while women say they are equal in the ability to perform tasks and jobs as well as any man. In many that is true. I know of a darling gal in North Salt Lake who can pilot a tow truck as well as any guy, and being raised around a industry that is nearly always talking locker room venacular in the office, in the shop, and sometimes in the truck. But in the entertainment especially radio 

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