Saturday, October 28, 2017

KnyteWolf Follow up part1

So getting back to the point of the difference between man and a woman working in a confining space . One of many of the reasons that some may enter, but few return here to the Rode House and all to do our radio/TV/Video thing, is that I'm a guy, they are women. Sure, as far as abilities are concerned many women can do remarkable things. However in media and more so after good old Harvey, and we have just seen the surface of this. There is going to be guy on guy abuse charges, woman on woman offenses cited  and that little thing that looks like a dried up peach stone between her legs and the need to keep that from being invaded is why the applicant pool as well as the return pool, of gals to do radio here has been rather , shall we say? Shallow. That's the difference. 
Now there are those who would say, well don't include that in the primary interview of the toew smooch. The reason I include that in the primary interview is simple. If they run away from that, then most likely they do not have the mindset , attitude, or raunchy, rebel attitude that we here at HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM are looking for. After all if they can't handle the request, of the toew smooch, what are they going to be like for 6 on air hours, with a burly aviator/biker that is much more rough around the edges than I am. 
Now then; Southern Sugar.
Sugar was to be up today, since she was to get her new to her ride today. No phone call, no visit, no nothing. Sure $25.00 an hour ain't much, but it beats jobs in the housekeeping and food services industries. Hell even people at Walmart don't make that much money, even CSM's. The reason, she is not here? Simple, I've got a penius, and she's got a va-jay-jay, and the two should not and will not get together. Many here that think they can get a long with just a wiggle of a tight butt in tight yoga pants, but find out, that because my heart and the rest of me is dedicated to my lady Shelly, that these gals just might have to do some work. They just will have to develope a on air talent personality style. 
It piss's many of them off and that is the other reason , many do not return.
Damn if you do, damned if you don't or at least try. 
Okay a few last pieces. One is two months from now on Sirius/XM 4 of our shows from the HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM radio family will be on XM. Highway Hooker Radio, Talking Toew, Dixie-Diesel, and last, KnyteWolf Radio. 
It's like I flat told, both Sugar and that Marie, your on board, or your not. Your on time to climb aboard this train, or you'll miss the thing all together. 
More in the afternoon, as for now I'm off to get on air.

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