Monday, October 30, 2017

Knyte Post Part 1

As the day begins to draw to a close for me and I get ready to take a nap, to be able to deliver tonights radio show, I wanted to answer a few questions that have been posed to me regarding organization funding.
First the main question is always, if the organization is so well off, why are you(meaning me) always broke? First part of that is simple; I don't earn or garner a wage from the Knytes/WolfPack for what I do for them. Not one single penny. The second reason I'm broke at this time is that I believed the hype that the greater Twin Falls Idaho area had began to crawl out of its economic quagmire. In reality it hasn't, my towing service and Hazzard County Choppers MC Shop, still resides near Evanston Wyoming. In reality I only relocated part of me here to try Idaho back on to see if it fit. It really doesn't yet, and come spring , plans are unless something in the way of a big miracle happens, I am not going to be here. Look at it this way; for every 1 tow call I get in southwest Idaho, I get 8 in and around Evanston Wyoming for a tow and or a mobile service call. Reason? Simple; I am the only full time all the time towing and quik response road service company between Salt Lake City to Rock Springs Wyoming. Plus I found both Yelp and Google My Business being free or for a very low cost, generates sales, unlike all the paid posts I put on Facebook that gleans absolutely nothing. So then why did I move back here? At the time the relaxing of the FCC reg that you have to have a studio where your radio station is licensed had not yet been relaxed. We still have three active FCC licenses in Idaho, Buhl, Malta and Atomic City Idaho. As such I moved here to reassemble the Buhl Idaho studios. 
Second as far as the organizations funding, sure we make good bank every year, but with the legal defense fund working on the cases resulting from a major rumble in Waco Texas two years ago now, of which 20 of our members are facing felony charges being defended by attorney's charging right at $6,000.00 per hour since March 2016, multiplied by 20 multiplied by at least 5 days a week, 5 hours a day, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that for every $100.00 income the organizations make, $75.00 of that $100.00 is going to that legal defense fund. So yes a more microscopic examination and extra care in financial outlays is being done. At current the organizations are just at a break even level with extremely low wiggle room. 
This is why I am running short on funds, as well as the organizations.
Okay then, its also why when no matter who it is that enters the picture, for on air or on camera jobs that we post or have posted on Facebook, that when they don't show up, or don't work, or both I have to give those gals the boot. I just do not have the time nor inclination to breast feed, hold your hand or baby sit you. 
More overnight after the show, and guess what? According to CenturyLink, we are supposed to be reconnected to the web come this time next Monday. 
See ya'll on the radio overnight and here in the morning.

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