Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Just Another one of those days in our Hazzard County beware of snakes when pickin tall cotton

So got up at 07:30 with a headache like the size of a watermelon, so laid back down but with things to do got back up, turned on the hardware and found computers were down. Obviously a real problem. Some low tech engineering all is back , except for the studio computer which will be back up when we get re hooked to the cyber highway come early November. Looking back on telcos, Miss Tizzdale of Hazzard with the Hazzard telephone exchange got things done faster. Course there weren't no Internet in or near Hazzard until mind 1997 even then it was just about dial up speed. Ain't too far from that now. Maybe with the high tech gizmos of CenturyLink that will get better.
Okay so once I got back online saw dear sweet Marie Antonette from Twin Falls was sniffing around our fb page again having to do with AyreWolffm.  Then got an inquiry from some seatcover from Twin Falls that works at Subaru of Twin Falls. Says she's interested. Trouble is few of these seatcovers ever show up, the ones that do high tail it out of here once they see the Wendell studio is at the Rode House here and even if they do come in don't return when they find they'll be working for a air combat pilots/MC , that isn't one that wears suits and ties and is a bit more crude and anti-establishment. So then got to watching an episode of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, on one of Tracey Dukes pages. Now if that ain't the top of the cake this might be. College males in the immediate Twin Falls area. Be careful of Cougars that don't have 4 legs. One has to be cautious , some offer something up front, yet when they learn your a serious Marine Aviation Pilot reassigned to the civilian world and more male than they realized the offer gets changed. Oh yes lets be friends, guess some can't handle real men of the late 50 laps of life.
Okay, then things are getting better. Marie Antonette showed and her fb pic does not do her justice. She is good looking well involved with a sig male, meaning my Shelly has nothing to worry about, and Marie has connections, and really great legs. So between Sugar and Marie we are gaining a crew. 
The only bad thing that is still, is getting CenturyLink up and going so we can get to our online gig, and me over to Twin Falls with the paper work for the Buhl studio. 
Sorry Teressa you missed the chance but I'm a real male.

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