Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is Corporate America people blind? And; the Iron Knytes/WolfPack are as solid today as we have ever been

Is Corporate America officials and all, blind and stupid or just arrogant? Example; The landscape of our valley here in Idaho seems all geared to simple production agriculture. Now don't get me wrong agriculture isn't a bad vocation, after all we all gotta eat. Our farmers and ranchers produce some of the finest products on earth, but Corporate giants are too ignorant to that fact. Now then on an industrial side, I read this morning that Jayco Manufacturing will be expanding and creating 350 new jobs. That's putting a ton of people back to work here. Many of them will buy things like Internet access, cable and other venues of TV, yet companies like Cable-One, and even CenturyLink have not seen fit to offer fiber optic services valley wide. If you think that all of those 350 new employees at Jayco, and so on are just going to reside in Twin Falls, think again. First there isn't that many new housing complex's in Twin Falls. So towns like Jerome, Wendell, Gooding, Buhl, Filer etc are places where those people will sleep. Then there are the smaller business's and support business's that need reliable and affordable Internet, landline phone systems. Just like us at HazzardAyre/AyreWolffm Radio, and eventually TV, will require. Yet these smaller towns have to contend with old outdated and under powered copper wired access lines to power faster wider broadband Internet and better cable/satellite TV offerings. One of the reasons that the Iron Knytes/AyreWolvez Association has lasted 50 years is that we constantly have expanded and invested in those things that will increase and enhance our various enterprizes. The question is if we can see the forest beyond the trees so to speak, why can't corporate America, or at least telecoms? I can remember when CenturyLink was known as Mountain Bell Phone Company. Their main offices in Twin Falls was on Shoshone there in a big building. I have no idea how I got inside, but I think it was in pursuit of a hot set of legs that I saw outside. Just so happens she was a executive there. As I chatted with her, I said take a ride with me to my side of the river and see what's going on there. At the time, to make a long distance phone call you had to dial the number or call the operator who sat in a mini office here in Wendell, tell her you number so the charges would get on your phone bill. There was no automatic exchange, and 80% of our area was still on rotary dial phones, no touch tones. Over a short time after I showed that lady from Mountain Bell the commerce going on in our area, we got touch tones and a automatic exchange. Bottom line, we got someone off their butt , out of their office cubicle and showed them that if you build it people will buy it. Today is no different, CenturyLink and others needs to see the growth coming out of these small towns and go , wow we need to get in and dig, to be the big Kahuna here, rather than act like the whipped puppy that some act like.
This brings me to the next topic this morning.
When the Iron Knytes Association began as then the Hazzard County Knytes and even earlier through both the Baja Boys mini bike Club out of Layton Utah as well as the TeenAge Truckers Association based out of our Hazzard City Idaho, we had no ideas of us becoming much more than a bunch of small farm area gear heads uniting to enjoy our rides and rods. Getting any kind of public press ink was near to impossible. Nobody cared much less wanted to be involved media wise. KMVT TV 11 ignored us, most radio stations ignored us, and try to get anything from the Times News? Near to a mission impossible. Now telling the Knytes no, is a wrong thing to do , since when we get a no, it just means a challenge rather than a defeat. No published press for the Club? We started our own published newsprint publication, no radio time? Well hells bells, we started our own radio station in 1975 and have expanded that to 8 radio stations in the region, plus getting ready to go satellite Radio on Sirius/XM in mid 2018. As for Television, we are still working on that to launch what will be HazzardAyre TV on Dish, in late 2019. Which will be offered to cable systems like Comcast and AllWest in our region, and to Cox and others. Yesterday I heard from some idiot that was saying the Knytes are dieing that the leadership is suffering and so on. Don't you believe it. Yes Indian Rick has been ousted as President of the Knytes and Jonny Muir of Layton Utah elected President. The rest of the officers and High Council, remain intact. The Iron Knytes Association at last accounting had just a smidge under $250,million in the bank, and growing, with a membership of now 400,000 members which is a combination of the; Iron Knytes Association, The AyreWolvez, The Hazzard County Toewing Association, The Deere Dazzlers Association as well as the Knytes-of-Anarchy MC, and yes bringing up the rear the original organizations, both the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, and the TeenAge Truckers Association 4-H Club. 
Our only challenge remains is our own, associated talent agency, that is still in need of a woman to head that up. However we feel in time that too will get triumphed. The Club is growing so to ask the question from anyone, should you get involved with our organization? The answer is if you want to live and prosper you should. The last thing here on that and to answer the question why do we do business in a small house here. Hey that's just the radio part of the Knytes. Since our bigger Knytes Hall burned down in 2001 we have been researching where to place another Knytes Hall central office that's accessible to all from all corners we have membership. The most likely towns are, Tooele Utah and Burley Idaho. That decision has yet to be made. Thing is we could easily be hiring in the next 5 years 500 new employees. Maybe now some of those little young ladies that can't seem to find their way to Wendell here to the tiny house wont be so arrogant, and companies like Cable-One wont be so smug. 
More this evening.

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