Monday, October 30, 2017

If your not ready to work, why apply? and Two; If your not going to take the job seriously why bother us?

In most business arrangements regarding employment, or working for someone else, when you apply for a career opening or even a mundane job, your indicating to an employer that your ready and able to work. If your not ready or able to work, or have other obligations, you should not bother someone with your intent to work for them.
Likewise if your not going to take a task or job or career thing seriously, why even inquire? All this does is takes up precious time, for the employer or business owner that he or she could use to grow their business's. 
It's very difficult to go from being a business owner to a employee. Example; Sugar, she comes from a spot of being a business owner, where she sat her own hours and worked off her own time table, not someone else's. She has way too many domestic responsibilities and needs that she is not able to take on a demanding task such as ours on broadcasting. It's like having anyone, apply for being say for example doing a towing operator. Going from a maybe 9-to-5 40 hour week, job to doing the 9-to-5 then being on call 24/7 with the reality that there is NO days off, NO holiday's and bad and gloomy weather? Hey that' s money in towing. But its not for everyone. Being in media at least serious media, means even when you 6 hour on air shift is over, you still are researching news and content for the next episode or show. 
In both cases, you never tell a future employer, that your bringing your kids, nor only coming by in the evening. As such and it is we unloaded Sugar, and told her simply once we get fully in gear in Buhl come see us. Until then, never mind and don't bother us.

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