Sunday, October 1, 2017

I really hate the look of a completely naked woman, even in the Wolf's Den

Now this may come as a surprise to many of ya'll , but I am one, that truly hates the look of a completely naked woman. Even those that look good from the neck up. Even the super models and so on, if there is no makeup, no kinky accessories, be in nylons, a lacy bra or undies, count me out. 
ONE of the things that was and is great about pantyhose and to some degree, spanx, is that the firm up all the rolls of fat that to me is a major turn off. Now that said, I was going with a gal in about 1997 or so, by the name of Eva, Marie, of Tooele Utah. She lured me in with her stockings, but then as now we had a talent search going on. With all those beauties, I grew dispersed with Eva. Now Eva as long as she was dressed and or at lest covered was an okay looking lady, but just her in nylons I observed one night, looked like a big sack of oats. There was no attraction, and Herman was just not interested. Now in the same town there was a young lady whose Aunt, I think who ran a local grub house. Her name was Heidi , and we clicked like few women I have ever known, one night after a recording session for then Dixie Eagle Trucker Radio a subsidiary to Dixie Diesel Radio, Heidi started crying , I mean big tears. I asked her what was up? She related that a guy she had been seeing had really miffed her and cheated terrible. I put my arms around her, and after wringing out my T-shirt twice, well Eva saw it and that was the end of Eva and I. A few months after I moved to Farmington before it got bad and bigger, and eventually back here to Idaho. 
When it comes to women, I just don't like em plain. I'd rather see some sort of spice. Plain is okay, but a plain looking woman, is like going to an LDS social dinner, the food is okay, just does not have any flavor. Just like LexiBelle or any of my rides. My best friend and associate in Evanston , Rick, calls my rides , " Clown Cars" but I have to have something that jumps up and says here comes the Wolf, not just blends in. Although sometimes a rig in stealth is cool too. Like yesterday evening, came home from a pow-wow with the WolfPack in Twin Falls. Nurse Goodbody was in her Subaru putting home. Childrens and all, she had no idea I was on her tail, all the way to Filmore ave in Jerome where she turned off to go home. I went home here and texted her saying, What you don't stop and say hello ? She had no idea it was me. Yet because of business having a ride that announces my presence is good for business. Just like my women, if she's plain its okay, but I opt, for women that are snazzy looking in bed and can look even hotter going out on the town, or a WolfPack meeting or event. 
This looks good       While this 
 its okay but a bit of flavoring would be better. Absolute naked no thanks, in nylons or spanx yes please that simple.
The Wolf will howl again on online radio starting just after the first of the year.

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