Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I may be criticized and condemned for it but guys gravitate towards hot women in nylons

I may get criticized and condemned for my practice of putting lots of leg pics on some of our ads and such, but I have seen something. The ads and posts that have hot legs and feet in nylons seem to get an amazing amount of attention on social sites like Facebook. Take the page we have for Talking Toews. Now the show is not about sexual anything , Talking Toews is about the towing industry, regulations, equipment and so on. The fact that I empathize the foot thing comes from two words, TOE and TOW words spelled different, mean something different but pronounced or voiced sounds the same. 
Not only myself but many have used this comparison . T.R. FootNotes is one publication that uses the connection of feet and a tow truck, the other was the original PhooteNotes now owned by us, and printed by us in the Knytes towing council aka the Iron Knytes Toewing Association. 
When I log onto my facebook account, I can see just a few likes for my none leggy page photos, the ones in stockings showing lots of feet , toes in nylon hose gets more likes and attention.
Who am I to argue? In today's sexually charged society, good or evil, guys like the lower limbs of a woman much more than breasts and/or butts. 
It ain't just me with a stocking fetish, its men all around the world, and if showing more leg in our fb posts, TV ads for the network, and/or trade press so be it. After all you can't have a radio station with the call letters KTOW or KAY(toe)tow and not show toes in stockings. 
My thoughts I could be wrong.
Keep it tween the ditches.

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