Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Have you seen this? The things people will buy, and just really am sweet on that Alex on Business Rockstars

Okay have you seen this yet? Some outfit has a thing out that will show videos on the outside of your windows with images of Santa and such, along with spooks for Halloween. Really? I can just see some goof ball, putting that up in reverse and scaring a kid or a whole dang family to death. I can hear a shotgun going off as some chain saw axe murderer is showing in the window of some innocent family. What was this company wanting to do beyond making fast cash during the holidays? I can see this device being used to reak havock come spring and summer as well. Hear what I say friends, I can see it now. 
If people want to blow money on stuff like that, hey how about ponying up some operational cash for HazzardAyre Radio. You'll get more out of us than spending money on something that is bent on just making lazy men too tired to climb a ladder and put up lights. 
Okay then ; There is this hottie on a financial network available locally here called BizTV, now on BizTV there is a program called Business Rockstars, about successful start up companies and smb's. So on this Business RockStars show is this hottie named Alex, a former Miss Minnisota and all but is near a mirror image for Penny from the Big Bang Theory. The difference? One is doing a business themed TV show the other is selling for a timeshare motel company. 
Can you say , the wolf here is doing research when I get home.
Last, but not least, and another reason I'm looking at getting my rear outta here.
All night last night, I spelled the tell tale smells of cannibus being smoked outside of my home. Now it could be some bad firewood, but considering where I'm at, can you say Mary Jane very plain? 

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