Saturday, October 7, 2017

AyreWolfFM is not your usual radio station or network We proudly are the Wolvez in amongst the Sheep

As I get into this , this overnight hour, felt I had some defining to do here. 
Our tiny, but growing radio network and specialty radio production company is not your usual radio station , network or show. We are not that tame, religious biased station you normally tune into nor are we the mindless, just play music computerized station. Ours is LIVE or as LIVE as it can be. 
I have been asked, critisized and condemned radio media owner on all of this foot , feet, toe, leg thing. Understand this; When the radio gig was conceived it was to be and still is; the radio voice of the American Towing Professional. Hence the official FCC call letters, KTOW. The first time that the need came for making sure that someone pronounced the call letters right was from legendary radio host and personality Bill Mack. He was the Midnight Cowboy, on WBAP out of Dallas Texas. When I got some station liners and intros from then the Overdrive Top Ten Countdown show, he kept pronouncing the call letter as Kay Tow or ryming it with cow, not toe. So I had to spell it as KTOW(toe) so he'd say it right. This started the thing. When KTOW was created we as an organization aka the Hazzard County Knytes, being based on all things Dukes-of-Hazzard, the thing was well leggy, hence Daisy Duke 
Leggy was the thing that was in. So with a radio station going as KTOW or KAY-TOW(toe) showing women's feet and TOES and legs was a requirement. 
As such every new hire is looked at as does she have sexy toes, will she or does she wear nylons, and would she pose in her stockings for the ultimate toew smooch 
 as our Nurse GoodBody who got that name since at the time she was into behavorial medicine as a nurse. That and she looked like Nurse GoodBody from HeeHaw. 
 hey you be the judge, This is our Erin, Nurse GoodBody 
 So leggy is in here. While radio is not visual its audio, still in time we are going visual as well on HazzardAyre TV, which means visual along with audio. Plus it helps to have eye candy at LIVE remotes and promotions for the station.  Okay then:
The fact that we started as a platform for us in towing since no one at the time and fewer since have even done justice to our industry, at the time the mid 70's early 1980's there were about maybe 4 or 5 radio shows for truckers, but none addressed us in towing. What a shame we thought, so we did it. The original show was called Heavy Hooker Radio, but people never could seperate and still can't the idea that the words Heavy Hooker meant big rig tow truck, rather than a heavy or fat lot lizard so we wittled it down to Highway Hooker Radio. Remember here AyreWolfFM didn't come into being until 2002. Up to that time it was all heavy over the road hauling trucker, toewer, and biker radio. However that changed in 2001. When after several years assigned to and proud to be part of the VMA214 BlackSheep, (yes they are real 
 I was assigned training duty as a joint training mission at Hill Air Force Base Utah. One evening a few of us fly guys were at the NCO Club, and talking shop and smack and one of my trainers Kent Nielson, said lets do a radio station and a program for us who fly in military gigs. So we located a place in downtown Layton Utah, set up shop, and one late night was looking at official call letters. At first I wanted KWLF or Kay-Wolf, problem was that is assigned to a station in Alaska. We eventually had to settle for KAFR or Armed Forces Radio. Which later we sold for a bunch of green to get another station near Pocatello Idaho. But during the search for something Wolf, I stumbled upon a operation out of Nashville Tennessee, called ran by a blind man in a wheelchair on a third floor apartment. We figured if he could do it certainly we could. This was in the early days of streaming radio. But this pushed us even harder. With a on demand streaming station required employees since we were training and doing military service flying. So we put out the word for employees, especially women. A talent company, and you got to laugh at this, since this could only happen to us, but this talent company out of Provo Utah sent us up some potential on air gals. One just happened to be one of the Sister Wives, of that John what's his name polygamist , I'd never ran into that before. Never knew what happened to her, but talk about a knock out hot blonde with legs, whew. Any mile we were running the show as simply BlackSheep Flying Radio. However in 2005 after I decided to go everything AyreWolf(airwolf) we reassigned the name of our vintage military aviation organization the name AyreWolvez. So it just made sense to go AyreWolfFM. The first real studio of AyreWolfFM, was in an apartment in Centerville Utah in what is called low cost housing. Management of the place didn't care and so it went. Funny those female applicants didn't have a problem with doing radio in a residence. Any mile, we hit the air with AyreWolfFM in July 2005 and it really took off. By mid 2006 the Hazzard County Knytes was undergoing a legal situation in recovering money invested in an annuity and the collapse of the Flying J empire. That suit is still going on. Any flyte, I bounced around and landed in Heyburn Idaho. Then to Pocatello, where I got conned by a salesman and manager of a TV station there. However it was the first time, I had played in Television, so I did up what started as a half hour once a week thing on Vision!12 the Cable access channel there. Suddenly Vision!12 was getting viewers. So we added several others of our network radio shows done both radio and TV together. For 4 days and 3 hours each our media projects were running. Then I read online and saw where there was needed apprentices for a nuke power plant near Hammett/Mountain Home Idaho. It turned out, that was a fraud, but no station for the area, so we fired up a tower near King Hill Idaho. Then the financial crisis hit, the guy who owned the duplex where I was living lost all his money and due to a turf war there it was time for me to vacate. At about this point, the idea to reimage the organization was on the table to take what we were as things Hazzard County into a more urban rather than rural image. God has a way of showing you things. One snowy night in 2008 , the high council of the Knytes and I were sitting in Glenn's Ferry Idaho. A TV show called Son's of Anarchy came on. Our thoughts were, truckers/bikers. So with a majority Mayhem vote, We re titled our group, the Knytes-of-Anarchy, that hurt us since there were copyright problems at first but that got solved, with a meeting with Kurt Sutter writer, producer of SOA. Fast forward to 2009, studio in Gooding, talent search and in came Nurse GoodBody. That op, would have lasted since Erin had brought in a bunch of talent, except the United States Postal Service for some odd reason could not deliver mail to us. No mail, no club money. Couldn't pay the rent, so one night expecting to return for a big show, the asshole who owned the office space locked us out, changed the damn door lock. At the time I had , had it. I went into seclusion until a friend got me into a living place in Buhl. As I was just going to bed and missing radio, tried to come up with something to mix all things Hazzard County, and all things air. When out of nowhere I got struck, the name? HazzardAyre. And so it became, our network, our show everything became HazzardAyre. In 2013 a friend from Lake Tahoe Nevada introduced me to a service called . We are still there, for 3 to 4 hours a week, plus the other 10 show networks we have there. Then on a feed for news in 2014 found and are there LIVE overnight. However we plan on going 24/7 there once we have enough people to run it. After all I still am in towing, what am I to do if I get a tow call while doing the show? Shut down the station ? So a co-anchor is needed. Plus I'm getting older, I need my sleep, and I need to eat and potty sometime as well as being able to take time off. Thus we are in a talent search mode. But don't thing as the recruitment thing is just for on air women. Nope, in time once 4 of those are found we'll need equipment tech's or engineers, program writers, news writers and producers. And so on , right down to ad sales people. 
HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM is growing, we need people, quality people and we're ready to pay them well. 
AyreWolfFM is not your usual radio station/network/show, we are truly the Wolvez in amongst the sheep, the sheep are worried and agitated, we are the radical rebel radio never heard since KTOW signed off in 1984 and is about to re-ignite in May 2018 from a state of the art facility in Buhl Idaho. 


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