Monday, October 16, 2017

An afternoon delyte, more like a evening defright

Can I just stay asleep? Nope, springs coming through mattress makes back hurt. Wish I could have since today has been one of THOSE days. The lady from Hollister Idaho, texts me saying her disability income would not allow two renters. Really? That she'll keep me in mind should something change. Okay fine. I'm not really worried anymore since I have my sweet little house. Guess God needs me to stay here. Should have known what's advertised in the Sooper Ad's of Twin Falls, is never what the deal really is. Pretty much goes for most of these kinds of things. The one thing that we at AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio stands for is truth and integrity. Want to advertise on our stations or networks? You better check out, or your ad is pulled and tossed. No matter how much money your paying us. 
I knew today was going to be a bad day anyway. Woke up and needed milk and grub. So scooted down to Simerly's here. First, found still the Kelloggs Chips I like are still not in. Could they have went the way of DewShine? Needs more investigation. Bummer number 1. Then saw my tire on Silver near flat, so ran over to John's. James changed the tire, but I get a tire call out on I-84 near Tuttle. So I go, just about done, the damn jack handle I left down, the truck moved down came truck, causing jack handle to fly up, hit me in the jaw, so with rag, and all went up to my dentist. They got me right in, gave me a muscle relaxer, pulled two teeth, and sent me home with pain killers and a prescription for more. Trouble is no money for pain killers. Had just enough in pocket from the tire change for a 5th of Jack, and Skoal. That along with my Goody's Headache powders, I'll be okay.
So then started looking at my fb page.
Apparently there was a rumor going around good ole Etown, that me and my Shelly broke up. As a result, most of the none wedded near poverty women in Etown, wants to get all snuggly with the old Wolf here. Trouble is the old Wolf here no longer resides in Etown. And not in a big rush to return. About the furthest east this old high octane canine is going is Montpelier Idaho. Only reason for that location is I have kin folk there. That being said as bad as it is and as much as I have a grumpy landlord, I have my sweet little house and until some WAY Better comes along I'm where I am. I also think that may, and I say MAY have been why the gal in Hollister bagged on me. She found that I'm engaged to Shelly, and as such, no kinky was going to happen and said to herself no dinky, no renty. Nuff said.
Any mile, my jaw prevented me from really going all full throttle on air today, sorry about that, in time Sugar will be here and able to sub for me on days like today, but it seems or is that seams? That her young'ns are down with the flu, and that means she'll get it, and that means eventually I'll get it. 
On Sugar, I really like her. Now she's not no super model, and I really didn't want one of those anyway. Looks are good, but only due to us doing our morning gig that will be uploaded to RFDTV come April. Sugar has both good looks and a slight tom boyish attitude that I like. Not quite a Gretchen Wilson(who could be better than Gretchen?) but enough to ride side with the old Wolf here on air.
BTW ya'll I'm doing this one handed today, since I have a kerchef filled with ice on one side of my face trying to keep my jaw from hurting. The pain meds are wearing off and can't take anymore for another couple of hours. 
I'll be here be on here after midnight, been doing on air tracks all day, mostly running older episodes. 

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