Monday, October 30, 2017

Knyte Post Part 1

As the day begins to draw to a close for me and I get ready to take a nap, to be able to deliver tonights radio show, I wanted to answer a few questions that have been posed to me regarding organization funding.
First the main question is always, if the organization is so well off, why are you(meaning me) always broke? First part of that is simple; I don't earn or garner a wage from the Knytes/WolfPack for what I do for them. Not one single penny. The second reason I'm broke at this time is that I believed the hype that the greater Twin Falls Idaho area had began to crawl out of its economic quagmire. In reality it hasn't, my towing service and Hazzard County Choppers MC Shop, still resides near Evanston Wyoming. In reality I only relocated part of me here to try Idaho back on to see if it fit. It really doesn't yet, and come spring , plans are unless something in the way of a big miracle happens, I am not going to be here. Look at it this way; for every 1 tow call I get in southwest Idaho, I get 8 in and around Evanston Wyoming for a tow and or a mobile service call. Reason? Simple; I am the only full time all the time towing and quik response road service company between Salt Lake City to Rock Springs Wyoming. Plus I found both Yelp and Google My Business being free or for a very low cost, generates sales, unlike all the paid posts I put on Facebook that gleans absolutely nothing. So then why did I move back here? At the time the relaxing of the FCC reg that you have to have a studio where your radio station is licensed had not yet been relaxed. We still have three active FCC licenses in Idaho, Buhl, Malta and Atomic City Idaho. As such I moved here to reassemble the Buhl Idaho studios. 
Second as far as the organizations funding, sure we make good bank every year, but with the legal defense fund working on the cases resulting from a major rumble in Waco Texas two years ago now, of which 20 of our members are facing felony charges being defended by attorney's charging right at $6,000.00 per hour since March 2016, multiplied by 20 multiplied by at least 5 days a week, 5 hours a day, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that for every $100.00 income the organizations make, $75.00 of that $100.00 is going to that legal defense fund. So yes a more microscopic examination and extra care in financial outlays is being done. At current the organizations are just at a break even level with extremely low wiggle room. 
This is why I am running short on funds, as well as the organizations.
Okay then, its also why when no matter who it is that enters the picture, for on air or on camera jobs that we post or have posted on Facebook, that when they don't show up, or don't work, or both I have to give those gals the boot. I just do not have the time nor inclination to breast feed, hold your hand or baby sit you. 
More overnight after the show, and guess what? According to CenturyLink, we are supposed to be reconnected to the web come this time next Monday. 
See ya'll on the radio overnight and here in the morning.

If your not ready to work, why apply? and Two; If your not going to take the job seriously why bother us?

In most business arrangements regarding employment, or working for someone else, when you apply for a career opening or even a mundane job, your indicating to an employer that your ready and able to work. If your not ready or able to work, or have other obligations, you should not bother someone with your intent to work for them.
Likewise if your not going to take a task or job or career thing seriously, why even inquire? All this does is takes up precious time, for the employer or business owner that he or she could use to grow their business's. 
It's very difficult to go from being a business owner to a employee. Example; Sugar, she comes from a spot of being a business owner, where she sat her own hours and worked off her own time table, not someone else's. She has way too many domestic responsibilities and needs that she is not able to take on a demanding task such as ours on broadcasting. It's like having anyone, apply for being say for example doing a towing operator. Going from a maybe 9-to-5 40 hour week, job to doing the 9-to-5 then being on call 24/7 with the reality that there is NO days off, NO holiday's and bad and gloomy weather? Hey that' s money in towing. But its not for everyone. Being in media at least serious media, means even when you 6 hour on air shift is over, you still are researching news and content for the next episode or show. 
In both cases, you never tell a future employer, that your bringing your kids, nor only coming by in the evening. As such and it is we unloaded Sugar, and told her simply once we get fully in gear in Buhl come see us. Until then, never mind and don't bother us.

Things you might have noticed but decided not to look into further

There are certain things I notice about people, and especially women I meet that determines if I truly want to befriend them.
Of course women, I notice their feet, first to see if they followed protocol in my desires and wore nylons. If not even without nylons, I want to see what their feet look like. Not strictly as a visual carnal stimulant to me, but also how a woman cares for her feet and toes, will help you figure out exactly her true personality, and her degree of being clean, and fashion conscience. 
The next thing I notice of everyone I first meet and it nearly ripped me a new measure of observation. 
Remember how I reported that I was getting all giddy over Alex Whurley, of BIZTV/Business Rockstars fame? Well I relooked at her , and while from a frontal view her nose is okay, from the side, although not too bad, but still she has a beak. 
 I mean a real v ditcher witches nose. Of most celebrities the top two that I say have the sweet nose are Kerri Russell, of Felicity and Malibu Shores fame 
 Yovann Stravoski who played Sara on the hit TV show Chuck, 
 Now there's many other examples, but nothing makes me stop and think more than someone with a huge snoz. My Shelly has a slight beak, and plans are to have that fixed. But even the few guys I know that have big honkers for noses like my deceased cousin Bud. I mean he had a snoz that when he blew his nose you though that a flock of geese were flying over.
Of course these are but a few things and granted they are superficial, I'm sure that when most look at me they see my big belly and my pork chop side burns, that are a tribute to Paul senior on American Chopper , people get a different idea about me, but hey I like me, and I'm sure these ladies have no trouble getting dates on Saturday nights, but they are things I notice.
Okay then; have you found that after you have gathered so many friends on your fb account, especially if they're mostly women, than no other women can add you as their friends? Had two; Sugar and Tereesa, tried but fb said nope. So I got their fb access, and requested to be a friend. Guess what? No can do. FB won't let me add any women to my fb account. This is becoming a slight irritation, since many of these feminitiles are associates of mine. That said, if few of them wont give me their regular email account, be it yahoo, gmail, etc, so I can pass on business intel to, are they really wanting a long term career here? Or are they into us as an organization to do a model gig, get paid and then be off? It would seem that if its just being a photo op gig, then showing up for the audition in nylons and such ready to get their toe smooched for the infamous toew smooch, should be their top priority, not something that would make them run away faster than the RoadRunner from the Coyote. 
Speaking of FB have you noticed that the platform or social site, seems to be on the march to go from a FREE, no pay social site, to a you pay to be there no more FREE/no Pay site? As for the WolfPack and the Knytes, and especially me, I will not put one more ad on facebook. First it costs too much per click, two; none of who your targeting clicks, three there is no quantifiable results. None except maybe 3 in a lifetime of using fb, have been anyone worth hiring. I have learned that you just can't hire model talent from at least two places, bikini bars, and facebook. Your better off hiring fro CraigsList. Sure CraigsList is ify but you do get people you can work with, Erin(Nurse GoodBody) was recruited from CraigsList, and guess what it did not cost me a penny. Aside from the on air and model talent. 
When it comes to getting the word out about Highway Hooker Toewing? I get more incoming traffic, from Google My Business, and Yelp. And guess what friends? Both do not cost me one single cent. 
With virus's spreading across Facebook like the plague, and frauds there deeper than the mud pit, quicksand if I have to access Facebook, I'm afraid to. Facebook, Virus's and a box of candy, in all three, you never know what your going to get. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

KnyteWolf Follow up part1

So getting back to the point of the difference between man and a woman working in a confining space . One of many of the reasons that some may enter, but few return here to the Rode House and all to do our radio/TV/Video thing, is that I'm a guy, they are women. Sure, as far as abilities are concerned many women can do remarkable things. However in media and more so after good old Harvey, and we have just seen the surface of this. There is going to be guy on guy abuse charges, woman on woman offenses cited  and that little thing that looks like a dried up peach stone between her legs and the need to keep that from being invaded is why the applicant pool as well as the return pool, of gals to do radio here has been rather , shall we say? Shallow. That's the difference. 
Now there are those who would say, well don't include that in the primary interview of the toew smooch. The reason I include that in the primary interview is simple. If they run away from that, then most likely they do not have the mindset , attitude, or raunchy, rebel attitude that we here at HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM are looking for. After all if they can't handle the request, of the toew smooch, what are they going to be like for 6 on air hours, with a burly aviator/biker that is much more rough around the edges than I am. 
Now then; Southern Sugar.
Sugar was to be up today, since she was to get her new to her ride today. No phone call, no visit, no nothing. Sure $25.00 an hour ain't much, but it beats jobs in the housekeeping and food services industries. Hell even people at Walmart don't make that much money, even CSM's. The reason, she is not here? Simple, I've got a penius, and she's got a va-jay-jay, and the two should not and will not get together. Many here that think they can get a long with just a wiggle of a tight butt in tight yoga pants, but find out, that because my heart and the rest of me is dedicated to my lady Shelly, that these gals just might have to do some work. They just will have to develope a on air talent personality style. 
It piss's many of them off and that is the other reason , many do not return.
Damn if you do, damned if you don't or at least try. 
Okay a few last pieces. One is two months from now on Sirius/XM 4 of our shows from the HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM radio family will be on XM. Highway Hooker Radio, Talking Toew, Dixie-Diesel, and last, KnyteWolf Radio. 
It's like I flat told, both Sugar and that Marie, your on board, or your not. Your on time to climb aboard this train, or you'll miss the thing all together. 
More in the afternoon, as for now I'm off to get on air.

KnyteWolf Prowl

After near 4-1/2 days of pilot car duty this old Wolf was in bed, holding my head as I hurled into the can. Guess the food that I ate on the highway versus the crap I eat here in western Idaho, mainly home, collided.
A week ago frustrated with no TV Keith was here and said lets see if that old Christian station out of Tweaker Flatts still works. So after some fiddling around I got both UHF Channels 45 and 38 to come in.
On CH-45 has BizTV Network on it. As such they run this one show called Business Rockstars, which is a show focusing on and spotlighting start up companies and just getting their feet wet as SMB's or Small Medium Business's. Now Business Rockstars, has 5 male hosts, and one knock out bombshell named Alex Whurley. 
 And who gets the show rolling every day? Who get's the choicest assignments? Yep Alex. Now I had thought this cheesecake focus pitch gals was pretty much on the decline and even more so, considering the Harvey Weinstein shit.  But nope, here's a TV show about business tips and such using a hot blonde to get YOU the hungry male corpuscle to watch the show. 
Then the same network, was pitching some sleaze from FoX News, talking on the featuring of hot blondes with caressable legs on FoX and Friends. Now understand, what Harvey did was inexcusable and the guy should be hung by his balls from the highest tree. However; could some of these cupcakes be inviting the attention? Either on purpose or by accident, but a hot set of legs peeking from just under a super mini skirt, clad in nylons and in 7 inch heels is going to raise even the more conservative males testosterone level . It just can't be helped.
Now that said, the same reason that Business Rockstars has Alex 

is why we search and search, and search for super and medium attributed hotties for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM. Sure radio is not video, but more and more shows especially those going podcast or streaming radio also has albeit the video quality is poor, but is video. If you can't have that hot bombshell in your studio on your show, no matter the topic or the core of the show , then people will migrate to shows that do. 
Internet radio is not just radio heard locally, its radio and video seen and heard globally. You have to have a great package as well as a great sound. 
With that said; what you do on air and in between music sets is now in question. As well as where you do it.
And okay I was slow to tree this squirel but if you have hotties on your gig, you have to have a very public, very, professional and a very open downtown place to do it. The reasons that we have had so much trouble in getting women on air, is the fact that it is in a private although its more a hang out place for the Iron Knytes/AyreWolvez WolfPack, two its the strange awkward touchy feely of smooching a gals stockinged toes and the offbeat sematics that we have here. Sure 5 , 10 even 20 years ago you could get away with that. In our area, the extreme conservative of religious types seems to get nervous in such surroundings. Sure Stern did it in DC years ago, but I think your going to see a complete overhaul on how things are done in Hollywood and entertainment. The Harvey Weinstein shit, has focused more attention, on the fact that while women say they are equal in the ability to perform tasks and jobs as well as any man. In many that is true. I know of a darling gal in North Salt Lake who can pilot a tow truck as well as any guy, and being raised around a industry that is nearly always talking locker room venacular in the office, in the shop, and sometimes in the truck. But in the entertainment especially radio 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Have you seen this? The things people will buy, and just really am sweet on that Alex on Business Rockstars

Okay have you seen this yet? Some outfit has a thing out that will show videos on the outside of your windows with images of Santa and such, along with spooks for Halloween. Really? I can just see some goof ball, putting that up in reverse and scaring a kid or a whole dang family to death. I can hear a shotgun going off as some chain saw axe murderer is showing in the window of some innocent family. What was this company wanting to do beyond making fast cash during the holidays? I can see this device being used to reak havock come spring and summer as well. Hear what I say friends, I can see it now. 
If people want to blow money on stuff like that, hey how about ponying up some operational cash for HazzardAyre Radio. You'll get more out of us than spending money on something that is bent on just making lazy men too tired to climb a ladder and put up lights. 
Okay then ; There is this hottie on a financial network available locally here called BizTV, now on BizTV there is a program called Business Rockstars, about successful start up companies and smb's. So on this Business RockStars show is this hottie named Alex, a former Miss Minnisota and all but is near a mirror image for Penny from the Big Bang Theory. The difference? One is doing a business themed TV show the other is selling for a timeshare motel company. 
Can you say , the wolf here is doing research when I get home.
Last, but not least, and another reason I'm looking at getting my rear outta here.
All night last night, I spelled the tell tale smells of cannibus being smoked outside of my home. Now it could be some bad firewood, but considering where I'm at, can you say Mary Jane very plain? 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Then of course there was her

Many people including my Shelly think that it is either Robin or Erin that holds the key to my heart. In reality there is one, who most likely I'll never see or be near again in my life. Although it'd be a hoot if I ever got the chance to even have a beverage and chat with her again.
It was a rainy morning at Layton Elementary School in Layton Utah, that September. I had just started in Mrs. O'Conners 2nd grade class and was into the creative writing class(yes even then) I was working on a thing from Humpty Dumpty Magazine on a re-write, when I got summoned to the Principal's office. 
My thoughts were , " Damn its too early for me to be in trouble already" Come to see my Mom there. I was being transfered.
Over to Crestview Elementary School we went. We arrived there, sat in Mr. Brimbhalls office where Miss Hill, his office person was there and after filling out a mess of paper work, we went to Mrs. Alex's 2nd Grade class. The next part of this even today is a blur since it was a magical few minutes that seemed to last for hours. As we walked in, sitting at the reading circle, in the smallest chair in the classroom, at the smallest desk in the classroom, sat the little blonde bombshell with the most transparent blue eyes that would from that second occupy my mind, my soul, and dreams. Then and even today. She wore Sour Apple lipstick, baby powder smelling parrfume, and can't remember much past that. 
Her name then, was Peggy Ann Follett. She lived on the East side of Layton on what we called snob hill. At night I would sit outside of our house just off Spurlock Drive. I would sit and watch up to her house, and wonder what she might be doing, or reading or watching on TV. 
One of the reasons I pushed to be book smart, was Peggy was a 4.0 gpa always student. If I was to stand a chance with her, I had to be in or at that gpa myself. 
Back then I was not big or chubby, in fact skinny as a rail, and I did not like to eat. In fact I had only very small portions of food, and my only food addiction was as it is today, Milk, and Milk products. 
By 3rd Grade, I had mustarded enough courage and was confident enough in my choice that I had saved enough money over that past summer mowing lawns to buy Peggy a diamond. Yes I was bound and determined. So on a bended knee, on her birthday I asked her if she'd wear my ring. Not quite an engagement ring but close enough. From then on until the end of 7th Grade at Central Davis Junior High, most of my class had just figured that Peggy and I would get hitched. I'd be working for an aviation company or owning a radio station somewhere. 
Of course life and dreams don't always meld together very well. Over the summer between 7th and 8th grade, Mom and Dad retired from military service at Hill Air Force Base and we up rooted from metro get it done Utah to go no where give it up Idaho. I was never a big fan of moving from there to Hazzard Idaho. The experimental advanced Talent program at Hazzard High, funded by a Federal Grant was all but over, and the biggest thing was sitting on a bridge just outside of our house eating butterscotch candies and floating the wrappers down that creek. 
By then I had lost contact with Peggy, her mom wouldn't let me talk to her, and until the day I got my standard driver license, my heart broke.
I had a few flings , Susan Ainsworth, who eventually married Ted Choles, Jody Hemmingway , who knows where she went, Lora Sandy, same thing. Although I still have vivid memories of some steamy hours in a 65 Mustang. But still nothing replaced Peggy. Then came the day Pat Jefferies gave me my license. $150.00 and my old Dodge Coronet, and I was Layton, Utah bound. Let's just say upon my arrival at Peggy's house was one of the most Heavenly nights I have EVER experienced. 
That was the last time I ever saw her. Towing, flying in with the 214 in the Marines, The Knytes, as well as what was starting as the WolfPack, I completely lost track and have never known what happened to her.
With all that said, yes I very much love my Shelly and will never EVER leave her side, with that said still its one thing to be married, and uniting hearts, but when it comes to Peggy, well that was the merging of souls. 
Why am I bringing this up this morning? Simple , I had a very sweet dream of Peggy overnight.
The details on my radio show.

Sometimes a cake is just a cake and too some times you just have to poop.

Hey fellow WolfPack I have TV once again. Okay it ain't the best and its duration is indetermined but it's TV. The one channel 38 UHF in Twin Falls Idaho called YouToo TV which is America One undercover. But its TV. So was watching this movie with Samuel L Jackson and Ashley Judd in it, produced by:? Yep, Harvey Weinstein. Guess as much shit the guy has been getting crap slung at him lately but hey his films are hot right now. Anything for ratings, right? So I texted my lady Shelly, and mentioned that Ms. Judd has a cute nose. She does , I'm sorry I'm passionate about dainty toes , tiny feet and small noses. I like little button noses, rather than big honkin snozzes and trumpets. I am also into really A sized breasts and size maybe 8 inch waists. I don't like big jugs and fat bellies. Like Bro once said anything bigger than a mouthful is a waste. He is right. It was funny, Bro was at least 5 years younger than me , had hardly ever been outta Hazzard in his life yet knew more about women than any body I have ever known.
So as I mentioned in a text to my Shelly, she calls and says that she was a bit put off about the tiny nose thing, that she should just eat like a porker and not care, instead of working to better herself to please me. Now I'm not slim by any means, but I need to loose at least 70 pounds before I can get my clean card from the FAA to fly again. So I'm down to eating these really small Oscar Myer snacks with 7 crackers some really small ham slices and a once of cheese. Which gives me all I need in nutrition, it is though why I wasn't on the spot, to catch my lady Shelly's call. Had to really unload my bowels. Reason? Ms. Brenda brought me over this mess of grub along with a half cake that looks like a pound cake cut in half. After chowing down on that my insides needed to unload. 
Now Ms. Brenda is okay looking as far as that goes, and as far as I know not involved with anybody and older than two 57 Chevies but she helps keep me fed and that's okay. See some folks here in Wendell don't all think I such a big bad Wolf.
Okay then.
Remember the ep, from Star Trek Next Generation? Where Data was having goofy dreams and in it , it was said that sometimes a cake is just a cake? Well sometimes my lady Shelly, nothing is going on sometimes I just need to poop.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Take down my flag in my studio, hey Bud, don't like my show, take a hike and don't let the door hit you in the ass

Welcome to the KnyteCide of the WolfPack.
First out the door, some jerk on some fb site for and about Internet radio had the Degaul to tell ME that my flag in my photo 
of MY studio , in MY home had to go. Really asshole, Do the letters F-O mean anything to you. That flag will be taken down to drape over my coffin, not before. Don't like my station? Well dude ; take a hike and don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya.
Then earlier today, in scanning my inbox of my email saw a comment by one of my area neighbors saying that this old man was going senile, apparently from supposedly yelling at one of his offspring. Yelling he says, I never yelled, I just sternly asked that his offspring mosey along like the big bad policeman told me to do when the kids drifted by my house, plus the stern yelling at me by another neighbor for speaking to her kids. Just doing what I was told. But to the concept of going senile, maybe. See I had thought that with the big city of Twin Falls increasing its economic aptitude that perhaps the surrounding towns like Wendell had began to expand its mindset beyond the idiotic and primate mind of say even 10 years ago. I have found that isn't so. Now the entire town of Wendell ain't so bad, many here that knew me years ago when I went to school here, partied here, cruised here as a teen to early 20's, still likes me and many I enjoy doing business with. But there are those hiding from something, fearing something, and all that feel the need to bark at me. Yes I am going senile, thinking that Idaho had progressed by a miracle into the 21st Century, that the religious or some other crutch that keeps things from moving forward here. Yes going senile, in giving up a nice air conditioned very nice apartment, a community that accepted, not completely agreeing with me, but accepted me, where I was the Alpha wolf in the towing side of my world, and where in an hours drive had a creative and extremely progressive city like Salt Lake City Utah. I fully agree that my mind must be leaving me, since I moved from Evanston Wyoming , moving here to prevent my Shelly of having to fight with a few locals in Etown there that she felt was a threat to her domestic bliss. But that too will soon be over. Since I have scored on a place in southern Twin Falls, and just waiting on the green light for the place on the west end of Twin Falls County for the radio gig. 
Since I got here, I have had fuel stolen, tires shot out, slashed and damaged. I have to go out back just to catch fresh air, but when the other young ones come out I have to go inside. Really? 
Absolutely I'm going senile thinking , I could come back to the area I was raised. Uncle Jessie used to say for every road that leads away from home there are two that lead back. Trouble is at least in my case, those roads are still under construction, and have DEAD ENDS .
AyreWolfFM Radio in the AM and HazzardAyre Radio in the evening.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Just Another one of those days in our Hazzard County beware of snakes when pickin tall cotton

So got up at 07:30 with a headache like the size of a watermelon, so laid back down but with things to do got back up, turned on the hardware and found computers were down. Obviously a real problem. Some low tech engineering all is back , except for the studio computer which will be back up when we get re hooked to the cyber highway come early November. Looking back on telcos, Miss Tizzdale of Hazzard with the Hazzard telephone exchange got things done faster. Course there weren't no Internet in or near Hazzard until mind 1997 even then it was just about dial up speed. Ain't too far from that now. Maybe with the high tech gizmos of CenturyLink that will get better.
Okay so once I got back online saw dear sweet Marie Antonette from Twin Falls was sniffing around our fb page again having to do with AyreWolffm.  Then got an inquiry from some seatcover from Twin Falls that works at Subaru of Twin Falls. Says she's interested. Trouble is few of these seatcovers ever show up, the ones that do high tail it out of here once they see the Wendell studio is at the Rode House here and even if they do come in don't return when they find they'll be working for a air combat pilots/MC , that isn't one that wears suits and ties and is a bit more crude and anti-establishment. So then got to watching an episode of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, on one of Tracey Dukes pages. Now if that ain't the top of the cake this might be. College males in the immediate Twin Falls area. Be careful of Cougars that don't have 4 legs. One has to be cautious , some offer something up front, yet when they learn your a serious Marine Aviation Pilot reassigned to the civilian world and more male than they realized the offer gets changed. Oh yes lets be friends, guess some can't handle real men of the late 50 laps of life.
Okay, then things are getting better. Marie Antonette showed and her fb pic does not do her justice. She is good looking well involved with a sig male, meaning my Shelly has nothing to worry about, and Marie has connections, and really great legs. So between Sugar and Marie we are gaining a crew. 
The only bad thing that is still, is getting CenturyLink up and going so we can get to our online gig, and me over to Twin Falls with the paper work for the Buhl studio. 
Sorry Teressa you missed the chance but I'm a real male.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My what a long tail the putty tat has, Despite the it wont happen attitude of many HazzardAyre continues to prosper

In 2009 just at a time when the WolfPack lost our studio to a greedy crook in Gooding Idaho, several of my people came over to Bliss Idaho where I was living and said, that it was impossible to do what we are doing, and that I ought to give it up. In early 2013 Charlie's wife Jennifer said the same thing and threw in the road blocks to thwart our advancement. Then a miracle happened, a TV engineer guy who rode a bike got into the mix, got us set up with and I ain't looked back since. 
Now today looking at a place that will enable us to go XM, and so on, its my what a long tail the putty cat got. Got a PM on Fb from some gal in Twin Falls who always says she's interested in being an on air, yet never travels over to have a sit down. All too many are like that. Even if they do show working for a air combat veteran/biker club is a bit in Yes I can remember the nay sayers that tried to silence the howl of the Wolf. And for a year or two they did, until HazzardAyre was born in mid 2012 and became the champion it is today. The networks name comes from Hazzard County Radio combined with AyreWolfFM that combination becomes HazzardAyre. We are the rebel station of the mountain west, we were the first online station for military aviation enthusiasts , long before there was a Warbird Radio. And even though many others have faded, HazzardAyre is still pumping iron. 
Today caught an email from our carrier for our online station telling me that is contracting with us to be's exclusive on demand station . Yes Syerd and all who said to quit and just go tow, we stayed with it and now see what's happening. Now just got to get CenturyLink to get it all back online.

Monday, October 16, 2017

An afternoon delyte, more like a evening defright

Can I just stay asleep? Nope, springs coming through mattress makes back hurt. Wish I could have since today has been one of THOSE days. The lady from Hollister Idaho, texts me saying her disability income would not allow two renters. Really? That she'll keep me in mind should something change. Okay fine. I'm not really worried anymore since I have my sweet little house. Guess God needs me to stay here. Should have known what's advertised in the Sooper Ad's of Twin Falls, is never what the deal really is. Pretty much goes for most of these kinds of things. The one thing that we at AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio stands for is truth and integrity. Want to advertise on our stations or networks? You better check out, or your ad is pulled and tossed. No matter how much money your paying us. 
I knew today was going to be a bad day anyway. Woke up and needed milk and grub. So scooted down to Simerly's here. First, found still the Kelloggs Chips I like are still not in. Could they have went the way of DewShine? Needs more investigation. Bummer number 1. Then saw my tire on Silver near flat, so ran over to John's. James changed the tire, but I get a tire call out on I-84 near Tuttle. So I go, just about done, the damn jack handle I left down, the truck moved down came truck, causing jack handle to fly up, hit me in the jaw, so with rag, and all went up to my dentist. They got me right in, gave me a muscle relaxer, pulled two teeth, and sent me home with pain killers and a prescription for more. Trouble is no money for pain killers. Had just enough in pocket from the tire change for a 5th of Jack, and Skoal. That along with my Goody's Headache powders, I'll be okay.
So then started looking at my fb page.
Apparently there was a rumor going around good ole Etown, that me and my Shelly broke up. As a result, most of the none wedded near poverty women in Etown, wants to get all snuggly with the old Wolf here. Trouble is the old Wolf here no longer resides in Etown. And not in a big rush to return. About the furthest east this old high octane canine is going is Montpelier Idaho. Only reason for that location is I have kin folk there. That being said as bad as it is and as much as I have a grumpy landlord, I have my sweet little house and until some WAY Better comes along I'm where I am. I also think that may, and I say MAY have been why the gal in Hollister bagged on me. She found that I'm engaged to Shelly, and as such, no kinky was going to happen and said to herself no dinky, no renty. Nuff said.
Any mile, my jaw prevented me from really going all full throttle on air today, sorry about that, in time Sugar will be here and able to sub for me on days like today, but it seems or is that seams? That her young'ns are down with the flu, and that means she'll get it, and that means eventually I'll get it. 
On Sugar, I really like her. Now she's not no super model, and I really didn't want one of those anyway. Looks are good, but only due to us doing our morning gig that will be uploaded to RFDTV come April. Sugar has both good looks and a slight tom boyish attitude that I like. Not quite a Gretchen Wilson(who could be better than Gretchen?) but enough to ride side with the old Wolf here on air.
BTW ya'll I'm doing this one handed today, since I have a kerchef filled with ice on one side of my face trying to keep my jaw from hurting. The pain meds are wearing off and can't take anymore for another couple of hours. 
I'll be here be on here after midnight, been doing on air tracks all day, mostly running older episodes. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Of course there is the factor of the neighborhood I bed down at and improper advancement of technology

Of all the great strides in advancement in Twin Falls Idaho, the outback areas of the valley just have not or are very slowly making infrastructure improvements. Internet bandwidth has not been one of them. 
If you want extreme flow or bandwidth, it's Cable-One or the cable companies. Cable-One is kick ass Internet, problem is, for that extra horsepower you have to pay for it and dig deep for the rate, usually in the $500.00 to $600.00 a month range. Which isn't so bad except when they hit you with a bill for at minimum 3 months in advance down payment. 3 months equals $1,500.00 which they do not tell you about. Sure you can hold em to the agreement in the contract, but that contract suprisingly gets deleted once you digi sign it, unless you do as I did, take a screen shot of it, and enhance it via your photo editing program. 
When it comes to firms like SafeLink, Filer Mutual you can only get that if your house can look at their towers, above the trees. Or your stuck with the phone company, aka CenturyLink. Now I have had both good and bad experiences with CenturyLink, Here in this area and Ogden Utah, crappy. In Bountiful Utah it was hammer down at dang near 200mbps down and at minimum 75 mbps up. Back to Evanston Wyoming, CenturyLink, maybe 5 down much less up. But Evanston Wyoming has a better gig, AllWest. Sure they have their off days, but overall I was not without service even once there. Why? First I had a great account manager, and a team at AllWest that even if our money flow was slow, would keep me and HazzardAyre and all on the air. Even if I had to at times break it up with partial payments. This is something Cable-One wasn't willing to do. 
Of course Internet bandwidth horsepower can be hurt by the neighborhood you live in, the conditions of the lines running to it. In my neighborhood, I know there is someone siphoning off my horsepower. How do I know? I have studied this, School hours, overnight real late and Sunday between the hours of 11:00AM to about the time Church lets out, solid speed on the Internet.  Outside of those hours, Internet is super slow, to none existent. Last week one of CenturyLink's more intelligent techs showed up here, did some testing, found constant errors did a trace found a tapped line. Cut that off and for a few days speed improved, wouldn't be suprized if the line has been tapped once again. This wouldn't be so bad if we as a radio station/network wasn't loosing money at the rate of $500.00 an hour since September 24th. Or if I would see or be seeing more from the tech gurus from CenturyLink getting at installing the fiber optic that is promised. Yet outside of one guy poking in his head and saying he needed me to get a piece of plywood, I ain't seeing nothing. I'm getting to thinking, maybe paying off the $1,500.00 to Cable-One might have and still could be the plan. Oh and that free months comp Internet? I got a bill 
Damn near $300.00 where's the free part? There ought to be laws that mandate that all telcos and such including cable systems that supply Internet, have to tell the entire truth. Not just a fraction of the truth with hidden or obscure terms. 
Will report to you what hammers on CenturyLink and all next week.
Days like today, makes me wish I'd have stayed in Evanston. Oh one more think, remember the hot legs from Evanston, named Andrea? Seems that they guy she was seeing turned out to be Mr. Asshole. Seems Andrea is homeless. Hey I offered she refused, Hey I got my Shelly.

Of the foot fetish variety, to date there is no record that has been set, yet

Okay I'll admit it, it is goofy and perhaps a bit perverse, but feet and toes in nylons have always attracted me. Most young boys, before the idea of anything sexual or physical, have wondered at those toes in hose from about kindergarten age. After all what else are you looking at when sitting on the floor as the teacher did story time or read to you? I always had two amongst many questions, and it hasn't changed either. But why is it that at the knee of a woman wearing good nylons that there is a circle over her knee the exact size of a 50 cent piece? Why not a quarter, Silver dollar or a dime? Why a 50 cent piece? Why is it that nylon stockings are slightly thicker than pantyhose? If there's elastic holding up the stockings at thigh high, why is it that there is a need for a garter band or straps? 
These were my questions, along with the fact that I wondered why the white stockings of say a nurse, felt different than say taupe stockings? Of course and then school districts, and MY parents didn't take it so seriously, but my introduction to anything sexual, although not in the penetration area but the sniffing feeling and ejaculation, discoveries were to happen at a time in My 6th Grade at Crestview Elementry school in Layton Utah. See there was a teacher named Miss Jensen, who taught 4th grade, but gave me remedial help on my math studies. Help she did, she wore these stockings that had a black seam up the back her toes and legs always smelled good, and so one eve she gave me a ride home, we did small talk and I'll let you conceive what happened next. I was hooked on women in nylons.
By the time I got to Hazzard High School in Hazzard Idaho, there was a grammer/English teacher there named Mrs. Brailsford, who at the time(don't know about now) but at the time she had the finest set of legs at Hazzard High, followed by Mrs. Varin . In both cases I made a point of being as close as I could to both. Of course having Senior girls at school tease me with this, sunk the hook even deeper. Jeri Omahandra, Becky Tupper, and Lora Sandy made sure stockings well worn were hanging in my locker at school and so on, right up to the point, Indian Rick had named me the Pantyhose Kid, and put it on a huge billboard at Addison and Washington in Twin Falls. Now there are some that would be disgusted and insulted about this; not me. I figured how can I make money out of this? By the late 1970's the word Wrecker was relaced by tow truck. A word that sounded like toe but spelled different. Of course then came Hazzard County and of course Daisy Duke. Who because of censorship had to wear nylons with those famous shorts. Television couldn't have handed me a better marketing tool while I personally explored my fascination with all things feet and toes in nylons. 
The idea started on a recovery trip to western Wyoming, with a limo from Hazzard on back of LexiBelle. Bro and I stayed over in Morgan Utah. I saw an ad in the phone book with the tag, " we don't want your arms and legs, just your towes" Then wouldn't you know it a few weeks later saw an ad where some plumbing guy in Boise Idaho unplugged the shitter at some old gals house in snob hill Boise. Here she sat in a black marbled all mirrored, gold fixtured indoor outhouse, and drinking  wine, the plumber guy kissed the lady's hand , tag went; "we treat all out customers like royalty" few weeks later saw the Disney flick Cinderella where the prince puts on Cinderella the glass heel shoe. The ingrediants were there so I put that together where I kissed a look alike Daisy being rescued by Cooter(me) and he kissing her toes and us saying we just love Towes. Later I respelled it TOEWS from a suggestion from Emme Lou. The rest as they say is history, except both Nurse GoodBody and Emme Lou said , why not stage a thing where I kissed a woman's toes in nylon hose to set a Guiness World Record, since even to today, there is no record of it. Very basic concept being, getting some free TV and news print ink, for both my towing company as well as the Radio station/Network. 
Watch here and tune in for more details on the project.
See ya'll on the radio, as for now headed to Church.