Sunday, September 10, 2017

Women are a real pain like a paper cut

If your going to put your name on a marque at a eat em up joint at least adhere to the name and do it justice.
Example; and this is a domestic comparrison. The Denny's in Burley, Idaho, the same in Twin Falls Idaho. Both owned by the same people and yes I'm glad there is a Denny's here, after how damn long of wishing. With the Depot Grill closed for cleaning I went there. Thinking that after I'd go get milk at the TF Walmart, Skoal then home here to do radio. So went in, after 45 minutes or a bit longer came my French Slam. What? Did they have to bake the bread fresh to make the French Toast? This is at a time of 00:32 hardly anyone in there, and the serving of my food should have been a bit faster. On the other lane, the same eat-em-up in Burley a Denny's, during mid day, it might take maybe 20 minutes to get my iced tea, order and be eating. Guess the Burley store knows of us who toew have no big waiting window. Amazing, then found that Walmart in TF closed, after midnight, no milk, there, no Smiths open either., took a memory journey through Buhl, and quite by habit, went to the old homestead near Hazzard. Realizing I didn't live there anymore turned around and came home here to Wendell. Got milk, but no Skoal, seems my original Wintergreen fine cut out of stock. Oh well Simerly's will have it in the morning. Just got to always remember this is after all small town Idaho, and after 01:00 most folks are in bed.
So tweaked on my gmail. There had a few taking notice of the ads we have there on fb, for on air's, women on air's. Know what? Just about the same bunch that applied the first go round. The answers to the standard fb questions of why do you think you'd be good for KTOW FM? Came up the same, interested but no real on air working experience. I would crap down my legs if I just saw one, that had the abilities as Robin (Miss Dixie Diesel 1993) or our Erin, Nurse GoodBody, just once. With that said, after this Thursday, our radio operation will be off air, until mid month November 2017. Reason, need to find a suitable location that can house the radio station. Many ask the question how can a online station compete with  over the air terrestrial stations? 
Check this artcle out from Radio World
Its in Ohio, and all but why if it works there wont it work there? Some quick answers perhaps the online station in Ohio, isn't as religiously inhibited as here in south western Idaho or even the Mountain West, maybe the folks in Ohio, aren't as spooked at trying something out of the box, like many are here. And yes the women in Ohio, might not be as timid, and on as much meth addictions as here in western Idaho. But that's the short of why it might not work here, but ya gotta try. Then cruising along coming home I began to figure, that here any more, outside of remaining on station to tend to big Rick, and all, still beyond that there really is nothing here at least for me any more. Thoughts of at least southeastern Idaho, like as far as Grace/Soda Springs, Idaho, or as far west as American Falls Idaho, but still here in this valley, there is no more kin folk outside of one that owns and runs 1,000 springs resort, the question Robin Williams of Good Morning Vietnam fame said it, Why Am I here?
There is always the question of why always women for side or co-hosts/anchors for our radio gig? It worked once , it worked for Stern, why wont it work here, at least for us? Reason, Stern is in a major metro area, second he's in a sky rise office with a albeit minimal, but a security layer. We aren't and don't. Applicants work in my house, and the reasons of why haven't you put that in an office place ? Simple there aren't ones here. The one I wanted to put it in here in Wendell, here don't want a radical rebel gear head club, in their building. At least after dark and overnight. Second, until I find enough people willing to really work the station outside of myself and Club members the question is why go to the extra expense? The rest of the thing is, to make the radio gig go, I need just not women to host the shows. The Knytes/WolfPack, needs at least two resident engineers, two at least ad sales people getting local business's to advertise on the station to help pay the bills, outside voicetracked production managers, and program creators. Skills that quite simply are not here at least in outlaying areas like Wendell, or Buhl, or even Burley. Twin Falls has a few, but just like C3 and a few other outfits, the reason they locate there is simple. A big quanity of college students needing jobs, to aid in paying for college at CSI(College-of-Southern Idaho) if that wasn't there, there would not be these other companies, since there are not seasoned experienced employees or a off the farm labor force. Its just not here. I know I bitch about KMVT-11/Fox-14 here for their low quality newscasts. Thing is; there are no or damn few experienced TV and/or radio people here. They just don't have the skills, and no matter gender are not willing to learn these skills. See you on air at 13:00 when I can get some Skoal, since I can't work well without it.

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