Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why I don't and don't plan on ever having a smartphone give me simple

The other day sitting in some odd choke & gag, I caught a call, and some buttinski asked me why I owned such and old phone? My reply was simple, because I like it. However every day I hear about some rampant hack, or some off the wall scam or something mainly on facebook, (more on that in a few) but some scam, hack or internet web plague that is sure to bring down the walls of Jerico, or at least the nation. My view is purtty simple, if I want to go online or mess on the web, I'll use my computer. If I want to make a phone call, send a quick text to my Shelly or take a pic of a rig that's been in a wreck that I had to rescue then I'll use my cell phone. Heck it took me years to finally get a cell phone. I considered them and all but the costs and all, for what I paid for a cell phone access company I could hire a person to sit on a landline and call me on ye ole Motorola two way. These people were once called dispatchers. What did I need the damn mobile phone for? But then finally because of A1 and my involvement there and all I finally got one, and even before, Tammy(yes that Tammy from Evanston) convinced me I needed one. Yet while having a mobile device to watch TV, or be on the web, is what I have a TV and a computer for, don't need it on a phone. The simple $60.00 I pay for what I got with Verizon, and all is just fine. It's just like tow trucks. Yes I'm being pushed to buy a roll back, but I'm resistant. Reason? If I catch a call for a toew of some ride that needs a flat bed, a trailer, is good. That way I don't have a whole truck tied up to do only one thing. My ole LexiBelle can do anything I need, tows anything I get called on, and if I need a truck, I got one. LexiBelle can do other things that haul around plastic cars and pick-up's. When it comes to computers , it wasn't until mid 1994 that I finally caved in and computerized my company, as well as pointed our MC to start using a computer. As far as blogs and shit. I currently hold the ultimate number of individual blogs on Google's Blogger. Yet outside of about 5 , I hardly write anything in the others. Same goes for groups and the manure on Facebook. I started yanking pages this morning. I'm very near to yanking my entire Facebook account and saying fuck you facebook. Yet because of the Knytes and the WolfPack, I'm keeping it, but too thinking of setting up an entirely new account, strictly for the club as well as my company. past that no personal facebook account. After all can't see what my friends(real friends ) post anyway. Can't see 411 from the groups that I started as well as a few that was interesting, so why even have to shovel facebook manure? Close the account, delete the entire thing, and tell the ad account fartknockers bite my ass. 
Now I will not be through. Maybe its time old Mark Zuckerburg was given some serious competition. Build a social site free of censorship, free of bullying, and free of junk. Let people post what they want, and how they want it. Not just the communistic renderings of someone that lived for technology but is now way too consumed with a Pacific Asian wife, and flat don't care. Let's see a social media site that truly goes after the boomers to the now Geritol demographic, and sends the diaper rash demographic back to facebook, MySpace and so on. Which begs the question, what did we do before Facebook? We really made friends, talked to friends, made friends , cultivated relationships, and really lived. If there wasn't a Facebook, that fueled terror that is simply a way to gain an hour or two of fame, because you highlighted it on your facebook status, maybe if that wasn't there, people just might settle the heck down. 
Bottom line, our nation needs to get back to simplicity, basics and common decency between people. Not cause fights and worse on a social site designed by a brat in school at Harvard, that moved to San Fransisco, and created a thing called Facebook. 
So to my many real friends that are on the big F, if you don't see me there in a few days or weeks, know you can find me on my radio show, on my blogs, or on twitter, but not on facebook.

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