Monday, September 18, 2017

We will be on air at 11:00 AM and? Which is prettier the left foot or the right?

Good morning Dixie Nation, I promise that unless I loose connection with Cable-One, we'll be on the cyber air radio at 11:00AM. Last night I had planned to be active and on air after the Emmy's with some of my thoughts on the Emmy's, but about 45 minutes to to the end of the Emmy's I was too pooped to pop, so I hit my bed and I was out. Heck I wasn't even awake enough to hear when my Shelly called at 23:00 hours. 
Okay the Emmy's in my opinion was a farce. Outside of two of the productions we as a production department is concerned was involved in, I was not impressed with that broadcast. Reason/ It was way over politized. It was Trump this, Trump that and jokes poking at the President. Outside of that, it was a bad broadcast. The idea is to be entertained and removal, from the threats and problems of the world for a few hours. Not be bombarded by politics. Yet we were.
I'll have more than that on my show at 11:00AM. 
In searching for a go-go boot worn on the right foot, for a sponsors graphic. Know what? Not hardly one. What I found is tons of boots being worn on the left side or left foot. Which begs the question , is the left foot sexier than the right? 
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