Friday, September 29, 2017

Two things this early morning , and damn those tight Yoga pants on firm reared women

It's totally humorous when I get ID'd. At 58 years old no less, but this punk kid ID'd me up here at the Maverick, did just that. It was funny. Guess he doesn't want to loose that $10.00 an hour career job.
Okay then; Still taking apps for on air people for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM, Two things there. First to be considered one has to show up for an interview. Guess the fact that its in the Rode House here is a put off, especially to younger women. What they have no idea of is that come Decembr 1st we'll be in newer more formal facilities in Buhl. Last but not least, while I was up at the Maverick, this, Hispanic chik in very tight Yoga pants comes in, with just a lottery ticket, who cashed it in. Her winnings were only $12.00 so she got a muffin which cost her $6.00 , if she wasn't trolling I'll buy you a root beer. Two thoughts there, who does she think she'll catch at 03:00 hours? And two, doesn't she have any scrupples? Dressing like that at that time in the morning, is just an invite for something sinister. Although I'd be fibbing if I said it didn't look good, but hey I can look, just not sniff as I got my Shelly. 

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