Sunday, September 17, 2017

They can silence my bark and howl, but not my bite

The Facebook saga of me and them continues. There is no dealing with Zukerberg and cronnies, but the fact out of it all a few things will emerge. A giant can be fell, by a smaller foe just needs a bit more enginuity. The conditions of this fight are many, mostly because good young Mark, and his India crew are no match for a determined USCMC Combat fighter pilot. I do not know the word surrender and once you engage me in a fight best use your all, as I'm relentless. I can say this, though there are some things I have learned from ole Zuckerberg. First to get a better gig you got to move where the human resources are at, and where it is that there is enough support is at. Such as us doing radio on a mammoth scale, as opposed to just a small over the air station. Ever wonder why 80% of what's on air in our rural area is voice tracked? Ever notice that the newscasts on CH 11 at night are mundane at the least? Its because nobody here is teaching the skills nor that few are introverted enough to get on air? It's not always the fault of CH-11 or the station owners and programmers, its the fact that there not much of a pool of talent to hire from. However when I get criticized about hiring people and having them work out of a house, or my house. Consider this, in its developement stage Facebook was ran out of a split level house. Yes good ole Mark's house. Of course that was a different era and all, since all too many think something sinister is going to happen if workers especially women, are in a somewhat private home, although while this does happen in a house, remember this house is not just where I crash, the Wolf's Den, is a Rode House, for both the WolfPack as well as the Knytes. Being too timid, prevents all too many from reaching a higher than usual level of proficiency . So hey Facebook, yes you can silence my bark and my howl, but not my bite, watch for a thing coming that will equal if not exceed Facebook, delivered to you through the works of the WolfPack.

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