Saturday, September 9, 2017

On a happy howl Yesterday marks 51 years of going where no one has went before

Amid a crap that hit me in the face faster than manure at a county rodeo, I nearly forgot that BBC America was celebrating 51 years of Star Trek the original series. Yep 51 years ago Yeppers, 1966 a LA detective dabbled into believable science fiction and brought us all on a 5 year mission to explore the universe aboard a highly advanced vessel called the Enterprise. Yes Star Trek. As years went along, the original series took off with a new ship, with Captain Picard, and a android named Data, which begat Star Trek Deep Space Nine, and of course my favorite, Star Trek Voyager. Which was a drastic departure from original visions of Gene Roddenbery who was in a male domination frame of mind. Here Voyager was commanded by a woman. The queen and her drones, inspired in part of a few episodes from Star Trek Next Generation when the BORG was encountered. The basic thoughts being, a existence where we strived for expansion of the mind not always expansion of the wallet. 
Some of the things envisioned have happened, some are speculative, such as molecular transportation(beaming as in beam me up Scotty). I saw a demo of what could be in my Sophmore year in Wendell High School. This guy conned our Principal, to allow a school program. The program included the real to life molecular transporting of a small poodle from one end of our schools gym to the other. It worked, unfortunately it was too much for school officials and they gave the guy the boot. All left except me. I really wanted to talk more with this tech guru, and found it very interesting. 
Going beyond that, I remember my first encounter with Star Trek. I was just 7 years old, had the flu with complications really bad. Running fevers of 106 to 108, I was bed ridden for many days even weeks. On a very tiny Sony TV Black& White , I saw Star Trek, which somehow gave me the strength to go on and beat that flu. Between tech, aviation and all that was where my efforts in a career were at. By 6th grade I was so stupid math wise that it was near time to get some extra instruction. I had the best darn teacher in 6th grade. Mrs. Cleo Sturgeon, who to help me aclamate in school, turned our class room into a partly mocked up version of the bridge of the original NCC1701. 
When I settle down for sleep, instead of dreaming of making whoopie with some actress or something, I have always escaped the terrestrial life and at warp speed cruised across space in a starship. Which is always too I keep having to remind myself especially when dealing with people like Mandy and some places Idaho and even Wyoming by trying to maintain the Prime Directive, don't interfere with sub light and just plain undeveloped cultures. 
Maybe soon we can all climb off the idea of being assimilated as it was with the Borg.

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