Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oh my how the kids want to play but do they need to mess around my stuff talking tire destruction

Somewhere not just the rainbow, but somewhere there has to be outside of death a place where computers work the way they were designed to, where Internet service providers deliver the real speed they claim , not just a estimation, and where neighborhood or some area nerdy children, don't damage your property. That's the place I want to be. Where promises , even and most importantly when the agreement is made with a spit in the hand handshake. To me that truly would be the way Heavenly Father intended it. In today's society sadly that ain't the condition. Over this last week, I had to shell out of my getting more shallow pocket just over $200.00 to repair two tires. One that got taken out mid July by a kid doing pop gun practice, but never fessed up to it, but I do know it was one of the rug rats from my area. Then yesterday with LiL Wolf's tire fixed, discovered the right front tire on the General JaXson deflated. Okay, that's fixed, its a thing all too many ask into why don't you get your ass out of there? Even area neighbors would like that, of which I'm all too happy to oblige, but you can't move with flat tires nor having to spend moving money or money for a kid who mows my lawn, that has to be spent on fixing tires. But the change is coming.
Had a great lunch yesterday in Buhl, over some Taco soup, that was DEElicious. 
Then got an inquiry from two guys for AyreWolfFM and one lady from Jerome . Out of the 3 saw where one had some real experience. Look, I'm not into dudes, but If and I say IF I can hire just one or two people that know their stuff, and eventually roll it over to them to manage, then I can get my butt at least to Utah/ and southeastern Idaho. 
Let someone else that meets WolfPack standards.
More on the show overnight on that.
Now here is what I think is really goofy. Went to the Doctors yesterday, but without the old records available the Doc couldn't write the prescriptions. However I made a call to my old Doc, in Evanston, they are sending the order over this afternoon to Simerly's here so I'll finally have my meds. 
That means my insides will start to get back to normal. At least as normal as it can be. 
With that, and looking over everything the idea of coming home here in late May , was a dum and I mean unthought out stupid idea. Granted I didn't have a shop, persay , but I had everything else. So with that, I'm looking to going back that way, not to live in Etown again, but very close by. Like Montpelier Idaho. 
Now then too; constructing a broadcast HQ in Utah might be a better thing, after all both facility , and human resources for such while lean, still can be found. 
Any way I'm holding my insides here, be glad to finally get my Nexium, so my stomach heals. Remember it was just a few weeks ago, when my insides were invaded by a torx screwdriver, turned into a near ice pick. 
Hold on friends.
See ya'll on the air.

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