Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Now I lay me down to sleep. Been a rough few days

Before I get into my usual rant here, want to input my request that all of you in the Knytes-of-Dixie and the Iron Knytes, say prayers for our brethren in the Bandidos MC in Texas to allow them to prevail against those who are oppressing them throughout their legal troubles. This was a thing that should not have happened too much blood was spilled and our brethren were just defending themselves. So as you lay down to sleep, say an extra prayer or two, for the Bandidos and all our MC brethren. 
Okay then, its been a rough few weeks for us here in the Idaho Sub Charter of the Knytes likewise with us in the WolfPack. Been discovering a lot of things that I was either to blind by right of brotherhood or such, but many of our not patched but associated membership have been more of a bunch of JAFO'S , For none military out there , a JAFO stands for the term ; Just Another Fucking Observer. In our circles its a bunch of people who are like people who observe, claim to support, but will not involve themselves or contribute skin, blood, or finances to aid in the causes we as members of things Dixie are fighting for. Nor aid in the cash stash or just physical resources such as shop, and or office for say the radio station. What I am here saying is pruning of the trees is on the horizon.
As many of you know Indian Rick, is no longer President of the Club(s). Jonny Muir takes over that duty as of the 2nd of January. Once that takes place, many of the spendthrift things will be examined and some will be either sold off or just plain done away with. The other side of that is many of the JAFO's will also be terminated as of having anything to do with the Club(s). Only those that show solid real support will remain. Even some patched members have been alerted that unless they demonstrate some support, in some real way, they will be stripped of the patches. Unless some dig in they will no longer be Knytes. Likewise unless some of the WolfPack starts to show some loyalty, they too will be demoted and banished as a member of the WolfPack. Buhl, is the last effort, here in western Idaho. The legal bills of Waco Texas, are going to be huge, even more so than they have been for over two years now. Which leaves little in the way of finances for legal enterprises. For the last 15 years we as a Club, and brotherhood have been working to establish legit and legal earning operations. Yet outside of two, and one that is pretty much on life support, that effort is lackluster at best. There is on the table of flat regionalizing the charters into fewer charters. Ours here would be the Mountain West Charter, rather than the Idaho, or Utah, or Wyoming Charter. This would drasticly reduce the local governing ability and involvement. Decisions would be made on a out of area basis. My advice is for all state Presidents, and officers to get your memberships to get more involved. If they are not willing to stand up for the Club(s) they need to turn in the cuts and patches. Same goes for the WolfPack. 
What I have taken in these last few months, being back here in Western Idaho, that what once was, is just that, was. Not is. What we did years ago can't or wont be done here. As such my loyalty to the Club(s) is deep enough to say, I will relocate no matter to where it is that the Club(s) are the strongest. Its a time of culling out of the organization, and purifying the membership. 
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