Saturday, September 16, 2017

Media career day in Twin Falls, Idaho. Plus did Denny's of Twin Falls forget to pay the heat bill?

Okay woke up way too late last night and still being very tyred decided to go back to sleep. After all with a bunch of things still in a holding pattern radio wise thought is can do the show later tonite which I plan on doing. So needing feeding went over to Twin Falls to Denny's Diner. Once there went in thinking that all would be warm and cozy. Finding it was freezing in there. Come to learn that their heating/cooling system was on the frits. Dang they just barely built this facility, what two maybe 3 years ago. Couldn't whoever installed the climate control system in there could have done a better job. After that ventured out to the yard at A1 to see about my truck its still down so, turned around, and journeyd back here to my place for now in Wendell. 
Okay then, and its still in the planning stages, but thought being maybe its time to reach out to the various news-TV-Radio stations here and see if a venu and all could be done, to see if there is any real interest in people to do media skills arts. Maybe a media radio/TV job or career fair at CSI, or something. At least get a sampling if there is any interest and if so, maybe approach the powers that be at CSI or such about doing up area classes for a media skills program. In short teach at least basic radio/TV skills, from announcing to producing programming. 
Doug Maughn over at CSI, was once a part of a team that ran a small radio station here in Twin Falls years ago, and maybe get some real interest going. At least then our operation would have a pond to fish from in getting on air and behind the board production people. 
Over night I counted at least 10 people interested in our career openings, yet none said they had any experience or even basic knowledge of anything radio or TV. 
It's been said that those who can do, the others teach, in our case maybe its time we did both. 
Any mile going to hit the shower, then get busy, producing tonite's show.

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