Friday, September 15, 2017

It's getting colder here winter is coming soon and I'm really disappointed in the valley here.

As I awoke this morning I found three things in my house and one sleeping with me. Nope not a strange she wolf, but a tiny frog that somehow crept in the Wolf's Den here and decided to take up residency here, near end of June. Don't know the gender of the tiny frog, but its little grunting is somehow soothing any way. Along with the rissle of the wind through the trees, and the off camber cold, its all signalling winter is coming, and LexiBelle is off in Etown Wyoming. Need to check with my associate and friend there Rick to see if she's ready to roll and go fetch her, come mid month October. 
Then it comes to the media thing. The concept of joining together my company as far as specialty performance automotive, and such together with the Knytes and germinating the idea of a one major kick butt media company and such as KnyteWolf Media, is not a bad one. The idea here is to acquire an older building in Buhl that used to house KnyteWolf Media until we build our own is a daunting task. Location ideas are the old Kings store next to Riddley's food store, or the old furniture storse down town. Been working with two realty firms there to make that happen. The major challenge here in a very small population area, that is mostly centered on all things production agriculture(which ain't bad, hey we all gotta eat) but there is little of a labor force for anything that is out of the box, such as on air radio people and or audio or video production people. Look I don't mind doing my tasks and duties for it all, its just that I'm getting old, my body tires easily, and despite the notions of me just wanting to get a bit of sexual touchy feely here, which ain't even accurate since that is exclusively my Shelly and me, but having a woman's voice and opinions on air as well as production would help, hey guys and women think differently on things. But to no avail. Now then some bark about the wages. $20.00 an hour as a base wage to start ain't bad hey that comes to just a tad under $2,500.00 a month, and it beats fast food, or housekeeping services wages. Yet hardly if any experienced takers. Only time I got took , no , correction twice I got took, and because the mistake was on my end , I had to pay wages out of my own pocket. What many don't understand, on wages for the radio media company, comes if the new hires did the job they are hired to do, is the responsibilty of the Knytes. (Iron-Knytes-Association/AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association-aka the WolfPack.) If there's a goof up or a thing that the new hire only partly does their job , it comes out of my very shallow pocket, not the deep well of the Knytes. 
With that the talent searches go on.
Now onto another matter and if the little guy from fb advertising calls I'm going to tell him the same thing. Until FB get's off their lazy butts, and repairs my fb account to where I can see all of my newsfeeds from my groups, friends and such, as well as the Contacts pane>
the space in the red ain't there. Why? Who knows, but the little fartknockers in Queer-Bay California where Facebook is headquartered ain't fixing nothing. The funny thing is, if I view my page from IE or another computer the images and contacts are there. It's a measure of Facebook to do away with fake news, except ours are not fake, and the fact that Facebook hates anything to do with today's Confederacy, 1% Bikers groups, or radical rebel groups such as ours. Except the fact that ours is more patriotic than just about if not more so than any other thing out there. If that ain't being racist, or predjudiced I don't know what is. If someone barks about the Black Lives Movement, or BLM, its up on fb, if its another radical idea its on fb, ours, I just see barely on my main board even if I boost it for money, I have to individualize who and where its posted. So I say to those little college kids at fb, want my or the Knytes ad monies? fix my fb account.
Any way been having a slight migraine so staying indoors most of the day. These are the days I could use employees, but sadly there's none to hire. See ya'll at 16:00 On, on HazzardAyre-KnyteWolf Radio. 

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