Friday, September 8, 2017

Guess I got screwed by another big woman. I'll let Shelly handle it. But you sure learn, don't Trust Yankees.

This is really what I got, for $100.00.  From that Mandy what's her name that found me on Facebook, which btw is not a place to recruit new hire employees from. What you get by recruiting from facebook, are a bunch of flakes and drug broads looking for a free ride. So what I got from Mandy? Screwed.
 That is all I got out of it and we're not talking of a pleasant screwing either. I didn't get any fun out of it, just nearly $200.00 spent for zero results. The only thing I can conclude is, that we are doing all the right things in the wrong place and working with people who have no damn idea what the frig they are doing. One thing is, with every one of these incidents, one more thick layer gets placed over an ever going tender kind heart. I'm going to get like Charley. If you don't produce, if you don't directly contribute in a way that benefits me or the organization, no pay. This is exactly why 8 years ago, that the Club put a 90 days prospect period on any new outside of the Club hire. You produce, do some thing we can sink our teeth in, or your gone. It's that way. So No way on Miss Mandy, just hope I can pull out of the $450.00 that I owe on my own rent. The Club has decided to base in Twin Falls, and I might have found a place over there if I can secure it fast enough. having a reference Like Charley, and the size of a company that is equal to ours or a bit larger helps. This is exactly why years ago, that Charley took care of my money for me, so that a sweet butt and a sexy set of eye's couldn't  take me to the cleaners, that said I'm getting smarter. While I can't legally go after Mandy, for the $100.00 she stole, still, I can lean on a few of her employers and associates. More over was good to shake that mess before it did me any more damage. 
Want money from me, your going to earn it. No more giveaway's. 
In closing I want the area and world to know Many, does not represent the Iron Knytes Association or any part of it, in any way. Likewise she does not represent AyreWolf aviation, RodeWolf and/or Highway Hooker Toewing in any way, and she is not involved in anything regarding SouthernSteele Productions, KnyteWolf Media, and or HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM Radio. 

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