Friday, September 1, 2017

As the night rolls in , I am ready to roll out, questions of loyalty and dependability

As the night rolls into this sleepy and grumpy little village and I begin to settle in I am somewhat disapointed in our new hire gal that I interviewed yesterday at the mall. First if your asking why the mall? Simple; rather than risk the domestic wrath of my external domicile watch mutts and the inherent possibilty of any kind of inappropriate conduct I do the majority of the first meet and greet at places public. Very public, where spying eyes can't decide that I did some sort of misconduct. With that said, her not showing or not communicating means maybe we chose rather I chose too quickly. As such a background investigation being conducted by my honey Shelly is underway. Best to know what's up before papers are signed. 
The WolfPack and of course the Knytes live and breathe on loyalty. Dependabilty also enters in. If we can't count on someone to show when its her time to show, considering that the kind of photographers we use usually fly in from Hollywood or Nashville, to do the picture and video taking and making. Usually and thank goodness its at a serious discount, but its right at $300.00 to $475.00 an hour. If there's a paid shoot, between those doing the shutter eye stuff and the model its right under $4,500.00 by the time its all done and paid for. If the model talent don't show on time or at all without a phone call or text, we need to sniff out other possible sources for that talent. Hopefully Chandra will get in touch. 
Thing is I wasted an entire day, sitting and waiting for her, when I could have been doing fair duty for the WolfPack, and/or went to check on the new place near Declo, Idaho. 
Any flyte, will really be on air on cyber radio at at 08:00 (8:00AM) .
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