Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A real difference that is like is not day.

Before I get into my usual rant here need to express some apologies to the people in Evanston Wyoming. For many years there I thought that all that was going on there, was backpedaling and complete idiocy. Compared to what I stumbled upon here at the only pharmacy in where I live, I must say what I saw here looked like a bunch of monkey's screwing footballs. I had them refill a bunch of my prescriptions from over Evanston way, but, the amount of fussing around, was absolutely dorky. I finally left and made my run to Buhl(more on that later here)  but I must have waited nearly 35 minutes in our local pharmacy here. Sure I understand there are hours that it gets busy, but if there were troubles in refilling prescrips from out of state here and all, couldn't have someone here called me? This will be my first and last prescription gig , from now on its either Riddley's or Smith's. 
So got over to Buhl, the difference in both attitude and surface growth is remarkable. Wendell is barely on life support, but Buhl, is starting to climb out of the dooldrums that was there only 5 or so years ago. With that KTOW FM 105.7 is headed back to where we started this radio gig from, and in time, myself as well. There just is not anything left in Wendell, and sadly not much in the way of Hazzard either. The pool done dried up. 
Talked to Sheriff's dispatch, earlier in the evening, they planted a bug in the ear of the local patrol here to do an extra watch here at the Rode House watching for the hoodlums that have been attacking my rides and flattening my tires. 
Got in touch with Local X, who quoted me $4k to build the formal site for the WolfPack. Apparently the forces of evil that plagued KMVT is no longer there at least not over all. Except that a few of the older guard, like Joe Martin and such there seems a flush of that toilet has been done, so looking at seeing what kind of fence mending can be done.
We will be on air at 04:00 both over the air and online. 
Last but not least. The amount of sugar looking honey Buhl seems to have against Wendell is like 4 to 1 for every 1 gal in Wendell that looks good, Buhl seems to have 4. Which might make recruiting poster babes for the Web site.
TTYLY Until 04:00

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